Venice Grand Canal Mall; A Glimpse of Italy in BGC, Taguig City

Venice Grand Canal Mall; A Glimpse of Italy in BGC, Taguig City

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Situated in the busy center of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in the Philippines, the Venice Grand Canal Mall emerges as an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. It has become one of the famous spots not only in Metro Manila but in the Philippines. Inspired by the enchanting Venice, Italy, this large mall combines its European water-traffic corridors with modern shopping establishments. Before we start talking about the Venice Grand Canal Mall, it’s important to know where it comes from. McKinley Hills is a part of Bonifacio Global City and was designed to change how Metro Manila looks. It aims to create a modern and comfortable way of living, and it was here that the Venice Grand Canal Mall was brought to life. Like a masterpiece on a canvas. Opening its doors in 2015, the grand inauguration was met with a wave of enthusiasm and intrigue by the locals and the tourists.

People instantly fell in love with its beautiful design and intricate attention to detail. Making them feel like they were walking through the streets of Venice. Architects and designers worked together to make it feel like the romantic atmosphere of Italy. Every detail, from the facade of the buildings and the bridges over the water, was made carefully to make people feel like they were in Venice. Furthermore, an artificial canal meanders through the mall’s center. Complete with gondolas that offer visitors an unforgettable experience of gliding along the water, beneath graceful bridges reminiscent of those in Italy. In addition, the Venice Grand Canal Mall is filled with stores where you can shop. Such as souvenir and trinket shops with unique handmade things. You can check out all sorts of stuff like accessories, home decorations, and art pieces. There are also lots of places to eat too.

What can you find here?

Inside the Venice Grand Canal Mall, you’ll find a variety of places to eat. From local restaurants serving delicious Filipino dishes to international favorites like McDonald’s and Denny’s, among others. There’s something for every palate! Moreover, If you’re a fan of shopping, the mall has many clothing stores where you can find the latest trends. Over the years, the Venice Grand Canal Mall has been a center for cultural happenings, live shows, and fun things to do. There have been art shows that display the talents of people from the area, and music performances that capture everyone’s attention. Furthermore, this mall is a playground for creativity. In the main open area, there are often concerts under the open sky. They also hold special events at different times of the year like Halloween and Christmas. All these things together make the mall a really lively and exciting place for culture.

But that’s not all! If you head to the top floor, you’ll discover the cinemas where you can enjoy movies. As well as the WetPark Adventure Lagoon. This is an indoor water park where you can have a splashingly good time, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit. As the years have passed, the Venice Grand Canal Mall continues to stand as a symbol of elegance and artistic brilliance. Its ability to transport visitors to different times and places, coupled with its modern amenities, has solidified its status as a landmark destination within the Philippines. The mall’s enduring charm lies in its ability to blend history, culture, and commerce seamlessly. This shows how much hard work and care went into making this dream of a Venetian-style place real. Continuing to invite locals and tourists to the vibrant and diverse energy of Metro Manila.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Check the mall’s operating hours before your visit. It’s open from 11 AM to 9 PM every Monday to Thursday and from 9 AM to 11 PM on Fridays to Sundays.
  • Experience the unique charm with a P500 gondola ride per person. Note that only two people can ride the boat at a time.
  • The Venice Grand Canal Mall provides a flat rate parking fee of just P50 during the mall’s operating hours.
  • Carry some spare change/coins to offer to the Venetian Mimes who provide performances.
  • Keep both cash and cards handy, as some shops might prefer cash.
  • Venice Grand Canal Mall is pet-friendly. Just make sure to bring a leash and diapers for your fur babies.
  • No Entrance Fee. The only expenditures you need to prepare are transportation fare, gondola ride (if you want), and payment for food.
  • Exploring the spacious mall is more enjoyable with comfortable footwear and clothing.
  • It can still get humid and hot even inside the mall at noon time. It could be the need for better air conditioning or the cause of crowded areas. Better to visit late afternoon if you don’t mind the traffic.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Find the MRT station that’s closest to your location. Make sure you have your stored value card or a ticket to enter.
  • If you’re not already at Guadalupe Station, you’ll need to take the MRT train heading towards this station. Guadalupe Station is located on the MRT Line 3 (MRT-3), also known as the Blue Line.
  • From Guadalupe Station, you’ll need to transfer to a BGC Bus that will take you to the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). The BGC Bus is a dedicated bus service that connects various points within BGC.
  • Once you’re on the BGC Bus, enjoy the ride until you reach the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop. This stop is a convenient point within BGC.
  • From the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop, the Venice Grand Canal Mall is just a short ride away. Follow the signs or ask locals for directions to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.
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