Treasure Mountain, Tanay Rizal – A chilly summer camping

Treasure Mountain, Tanay Rizal – A chilly summer camping

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Tanay is one of the 1st class municipality in Rizal province. It is famous to having overlooking cafes and restaurants, and camping/glamping grounds. This is a place to go if you’re looking for a place with views of the ridges. There are also one-of-a-kind resorts where you can relax and rekindle with the mother nature. Moreover, this is a go-to getaway of tourists from the hustling and bustling of the Metro Manila. You’ll be delighted at how magnificent some of these locations are. Have I mentioned that they’re all only a short uphill drive from the Metro? Just 2 hours away from Makati! Indeed convenient, isn’t it? In Addition, Tanay passes through the Sierra Madre mountain range. Making it an excellent motorcycling and biking destination. Some of the locations are also popular for team-building activities. One of the famous spots Tanay offers is the Treasure Mountain.

The Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain first opened its doors in 2017. The location is well-known for its majestic sea of clouds and breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. This large private property, formally known as Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite, is an ideal place for a quick weekend getaway and a quick retreat from the busy city life. Even in summer, you can still get chilly in the late afternoon. When we camped there in March this year, the temperature went down to 17 degrees Celsius. We thought at first that it will be humid and warm given the season. However, we experienced otherwise, as the reviews say so as well. Good thing we came prepared and brought our jackets. Don’t worry, there will be blankets mattresses, and pillows included in your tent rentals. Indeed a great place to be and to snuggle with family and loved ones.

What to do in Treasure Mountain?

Of course, most of the visitors came to Treasure mountain to experience the chilly camping nights. Some were waiting for the sight of the sea of clouds (which sadly we waited for but didn’t come out). But one of the must-try experience they offer is the whole obstacle course. For only Php 250 per head, you get to experience the thrill it offers. Personally, the hardest one was the first – rope walking. You have to make sure that your toes are hard enough and your balance will be greatly challenged. If you decide to quit, you will have to go jump down only trusting the harness. So it’s better to keep going until you reach the spider web where you can safely descend using the ladder. Don’t get tricked by the high swing, it only looks easy until you try it yourselves! Good way to fight fear of heights!

Where to eat in Treasure Mountain?

You may bring food and drinks on your visit to Treasure Mountain. However, they will be subject to a corkage fee of Php 200. They have a cooking area where guests are only allowed to cook. Cooking beside the tents is strictly prohibited to maintain cleanliness and safety. Moreover, if you feel hassle bringing snacks and food, you can buy them from their cafe/restaurant just near the entrance. They also have free breakfast if you book a tent or a room from them. You can choose from any SILOG (Fried rice + Egg + another fried meal) from them. The foods are available as well if you’re not booking a tent or a room you just have to pay for the ala carte price. Prices are average, ranging from Php 150 and more, you can get a rice meal with HUGE servings! Plus, haven’t I mentioned the taste? Two thumbs up!

Tips and Guidelines

  • Book 3-5 days prior your visit specially if you plan staying overnight
  • Day Tour Entrance Fee: Php 180 per head (5 AM – 3 PM)
  • Day tour package Entrance fee with your choice of breakfast: Php 350 per head
  • Overnight stay check-in: 3 PM – 8 PM
  • Overnight stay check-out: 1 PM the following day
  • Tent-rental good for 2 person- Php 1,300 (pillow, blanket, and matress included)
  • Tent-rental good for 4 person- Php 2,300 (2 pillows, 2 blankets, and 2 matresses included)
  • Sleeping-mat rental fee- Php 200 per mat
  • Tent only good for 2: Php 500
  • Tent only good for 4: Php 800
  • Set of extra pillow and blanket: Php 100
  • Car Glamping: Php 900 (Entrance fee not included. Car setup is subject for approval)
  • No smoking in the camping site. There are designated areas for smoking
  • No loud noises starting from 10 PM
  • There are restrooms and bathrooms near the camping area. I suggest go to the ones near the cafe/restaurant, they’re much cleaner
  • Bringing of alcoholic beverages and speakers are not allowed
  • You can buy alcoholic drinks and consume them in the cafe/restaurant area only
  • The slope going up might be too so small cars are not advisable

How to get there

Via Public Transportation

  • Take a jeep to Cogeo Gate 2 or Padilla. Request that you be dropped off at Gate 2. You’ll need to take a jeep to Sampaloc from there. This route is only available from 5 AM to 5:00 PM only. Then, get off at Sitio Maysawa or the Brgy tricycle terminal. Cuyambay. The rest of the way to Treasure Mountain can be walked or rented on a tricycle.
  • Ride in a jeep to Tanay Public Market. Then ride another one to Cuyambay from the market. You will both exit at the same stop, Sitio Maysawa. Keep in mind that commuting to Treasure Mountain will undoubtedly take longer due to jeep waiting, pick-ups, and drop-offs.

Via Private Vehicle

  • Through Marcos Highway, you will go through Masinag, Cogeo, and Boso-boso Resort. Or, the other way will go through Masinag, Cloud 9, Antipolo Cathedral, and Boso-boso resort. The path to Treasure Mountain will be visible on the left side of the road, where there will be a waiting shed. It’s the same starting point as the Maysawa Circuit. From the waiting shed, you’re only 1.5 kilometers away from Treasure Mountain; continue straight until you see their signage, then turn right.
  • Through Sampaloc in Tanay, take Sampaloc Road to Daranak Falls, passing by the street. Continue straight until you reach a T-intersection, then turn left. It will be a 45-minute to 1-hour drive if you take the scenic route. Sierra Madre Resort will be on your right, Ten Cents to Heaven will be on your left, and Pico de Pino will be on your right. You’re almost there as you progress over Pico de Pino, so continue driving. Treasure Mountain will be on the right side of the road. Turn right when you see a waiting shed or the Maysawa Circuit jump-off. Then again, go straight and turn right when you see their signage.
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