Top Pares in Metro Manila you should try!

Top Pares in Metro Manila you should try!

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“Pares” is a popular Filipino beef stew dish that is typically served with a bowl of steaming white rice. The name “pares” comes from the Spanish word “parear”, which means “to pair” or “to match”, as the dish is often paired with rice. Pares is made by slow-cooking beef brisket in a flavorful broth made with soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and onions. The resulting beef is tender and flavorful, and the broth is thick and savory. Some variations may include additional ingredients such as star anise or cinnamon to add extra depth of flavor. It is also often served in specialty restaurants or street food stalls known as “pares houses” in the Philippines. As well as a small bowl of sliced chili peppers in vinegar to add some heat and tang to the dish. It has become a popular comfort food in the country and by people of all ages.


The Original Pares Mami House is a popular restaurant in Poblacion, Makati. Which is the red light district and famous for its vibrant nightlife. They specialize in serving pares and mami dishes. The restaurant has been around for over 50 years and has become a beloved institution in the area. Mang Erning Pacis opened the business in 1989 in Poblacion.

The restaurant has a simple and pleasant atmosphere, with a red and white color scheme. Moreover, the space has a lot of tables and seatings enough to accommodate less than 50 people all at once. At The Original Pares Mami House, customers can enjoy a variety of pares and mami dishes, as well as other Filipino favorites like silog dishes. The restaurant is famous for its delicious, hearty meals that are perfect for satisfying cravings.

The Original Pares Mami House in Retiro is known for serving pares that taste like the classic and original Filipino dish. The pares is described as being sweet and savory. With a flavorful broth and tender beef that is cooked to perfection. Many customers also appreciate that the restaurant has maintained the traditional taste of the pares dish over the years. Which makes it a great option for those who are looking for an authentic Filipino dining experience. Furthermore, the combination of the sweet and savory flavors in the pares, along with the garlic fried rice and soup, make for a delicious and satisfying meal that’s perfect for any time of day.


Alex Pares is a famous eatery in Baranggay Tejeros, Makati City. It has been serving its signature dish, pares, since 2012. Since then, they have gained a loyal following for their delicious and affordable meals. What sets Alex Pares apart from other eateries is its commitment to serving its customers from 4 AM until 10 PM. This means that whether you’re craving pares for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can always rely on Alex Pares to satisfy your hunger.

One of the secrets to Alex Pares’ success is the quality of its ingredients. The restaurant uses only the freshest meats including pork and beef brain and intestine. As well as spices to add extra mouth-watering flavor to the dish. Each day, the staff prepares around 3 cauldrons of the dish, ensuring that there’s always enough to go around. Despite its popularity and delicious dishes, Alex Pares remains an unassuming eatery.

The restaurant is in a small stall beside the road, with only three tables that can seat a total of 15 people at the same time. However, the modest appearance of the eatery belies the exceptional food and service that it offers. Despite its limited seating capacity, customers keep coming back for the delectable pares and other dishes that the restaurant serves. The simplicity of the eatery adds to its charm and character. It’s a place where you can come as you are, grab a seat, and enjoy a hearty and delicious meal without breaking the bank. Location-wise, this is at 1542 A.P. Reyes Baranggay Tejeros Makati, making it easily accessible to anyone in the area. The staffs are friendly and accommodating ensuring every customer is satisfied. Whether you’re a student, a worker, or a resident, you can always drop by for a quick and satisfying meal.


Ka-Pares Four Ever is a newly-opened eatery that is quickly gaining popularity for its delicious dishes and cozy ambiance. Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant opened its doors on March 19, 2023, and has been gaining customers ever since. The restaurant serves up a generous portion of tender beef that is perfectly cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Just like first on the list, they also serve classic and original flavor of pares. Sweet and savory but with a little twist of their own taste. But what sets this eatery apart is their unique take on the classic pares dish. Customers can choose from a variety of sauces and toppings, such as garlic, spicy, and sweet, to add an extra layer of flavor to their dish.

In addition to their pares, the restaurant also offers a variety of chicken wings that are juicy and perfectly seasoned. These wings come in 9 different flavors, including buffalo, honey barbecue, and garlic parmesan, and can also be ordered as party trays for special events or gatherings. Moreover, the ambiance is cozy and welcoming. They serve in a small dining area that is alfresco but well-lit. The restaurant is perfect for hanging out with friends or enjoying a solo meal, with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. However, the area can be noisy due to the PNR rail that’s just across the eatery. It may be a little daunting, but it adds charm to the dining experience.

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