The Podium; A Deluxe Retail Experience in Ortigas Center

The Podium; A Deluxe Retail Experience in Ortigas Center

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In the heart of Ortigas Center, a bustling business and commercial district in Metro Manila, lies a mixed-use development that offers more than just the ordinary shopping experience. The Podium is a joint project between Singaporean company Keppel Land and BDO Unibank. Beyond its striking façade surrounded by lush vertical gardens, The Podium offers an upscale shopping experience and al fresco dining restaurants waiting to be discovered. Constructed in December 2001 and officially opened in August 2002, The Podium is more than just a shopping mall. It’s a space where contemporary architecture meets greenery, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors to explore. The building’s exterior, adorned with vertical gardens, hints at the oasis that lies within. These gardens not only add a touch of nature to the urban landscape but also serve as a reminder of the harmonious coexistence of modernity and the environment.

While The Podium boasts a collection of retail outlets, it offers an experience that extends beyond material purchases. Unlike conventional malls, this space is designed for individuals whose interests and desires go beyond the contents of a shopping bag. It’s a haven for those seeking a holistic experience – from retail therapy to culinary adventures and everything in between. One of its best-kept secrets lies on its 5th floor, where various culinary options await. This floor is home to a wide range of restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. From international cuisines to well-loved local flavors, visitors can experience a gastronomic journey like no other. Stepping onto the 5th floor of The Podium reveals a blend of familiar brands and culinary gems. Long-standing favorites that patrons have relied upon for years share space with new, exciting eateries. This unique combination gives visitors the thrill of trying something entirely new.

Scenic Rooftop Al Fresco Dining

For those seeking a different dining experience, The Podium offers an exquisite al fresco dining area on its topmost floor. This rooftop oasis provides a breathtaking view of Ortigas Center’s skyline and the surrounding urban landscape. Dining under the open sky while enjoying a gentle breeze is an experience that elevates mealtime into a memorable event. Featuring notable restaurants such as Bird Boss, known for its chicken dishes; Nono’s, serving comforting Filipino favorites; and Niu by Vikings, likely offering a buffet-style array of international and local cuisines. In a time when going out to eat means more than just satisfying your hunger, The Podium’s rooftop dining area is a perfect example. Blending modern luxury and comfort, where a simple meal becomes an amazing experience. Whether it’s a big celebration or a casual get-together, this rooftop spot invites you to enjoy your food and the atmosphere.

In addition to its diverse dining scene, The Podium is also home to renowned luxury brands and stores that elevate the shopping experience. Some of the prestigious brands you might find at The Podium include international fashion houses such as Dior, Rolex, Charles and Keith, and Lacoste, showcasing the latest in high-end fashion and accessories. These upscale retailers contribute to The Podium’s reputation as a destination for luxury shopping. Making it a multifaceted haven for those seeking both gastronomic and fashion indulgences. Despite its remarkable offerings, The Podium remains a relatively unexplored haven for many. Unlike more crowded malls in the city, The Podium offers a more relaxed and tranquil environment, making it an ideal destination for those who prefer a leisurely shopping and dining experience. The serene ambiance ensures that visitors can truly unwind, savor their meals, and shop at their own pace.


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How to get there?


  • Take the MRT Line 3: If you’re coming from North Avenue or Taft Avenue, board a train on the MRT Line 3 and make sure it’s heading towards the direction of Taft Avenue. If you’re coming from Taft Avenue, you’re going in the opposite direction, towards North Avenue.
  • Alight at Ortigas Station: Once on the train, stay on until you reach the Ortigas Station. The station is conveniently located near the Ortigas business district.
  • Walk to The Podium: The Podium is located within walking distance from the Ortigas Station. You can use the elevated walkways or pedestrian crossings to safely make your way across Ortigas Avenue. The mall is situated on ADB Avenue, and you’ll find its distinctive façade and entrance easily visible.
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