The Dessert Museum – The most sugary place in Manila

The Dessert Museum – The most sugary place in Manila

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The majority of Filipinos have a sweet tooth. For special occasions, something sweet — whether desserts or dishes — must always be on the table. We crave sugar for a variety of reasons, such as physiological, psychological, and some are environmental in nature. When people are having a bad day, they often crave ice cream and chocolate. The comforting flavors satiate the body and mind, making us feel instantly better. Sugar causes the release of brain chemicals such as serotonin, which make us feel good and energized. They cause dopamine, a brain chemical that compels us to feel rewarding emotions. However, too much consumption can cause serious health problems like diabetes. So how about being able to look at it, feel it, but not eating it? The Dessert Museum in Pasay, Manila proves that candies and chocolates will make you feel happy and energized. Even without eating them.

Pasay City, Manila

Pasay is a first-class city in the Philippines’ National Capital Region. It is home to sports venues like the Cuneta Astrodome and the Mall of Asia Arena. It will also host some games during the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Large number of population are residing in the said City. Pasay, also known as the travel city with bustling markets, karaoke bars, shopping malls, and world-class art galleries. It continues to get busy up until the dawn. Hence, providing unforgettable nightlife and shopping experiences. One of the places you can go to for a unique weekend is the Dessert Museum. It will feast your eyes with your most favorite sweets in large sizes. Except, that you can’t eat them. I know, bummer right? But good thing is you can take photos in and with them. This is what you will expect in this mouth-watering museum.

The Dessert Museum

Scratch traditional museums in your mind as you know them; things are about to get much sweeter. Prepare to enter a world of giant candies and confectionery at the Dessert Museum Manila. It is a place where you can feast your eyes on all various kinds of tasteful attractions. It has 8 dessert-themed rooms that are verrryy instagrammable! Unlike any other museum, this is likely to be the first one you’ll literally slide into to enter! It’s a museum in the way that a guided tour delivers informative details regarding the history of the desserts featured. Each room has its own tour guide who will educate the visitors regarding the featured item. Before moving on to the next room, you will be given ample time to enjoy the current one. Each rooms offer edible treats as well, just not the displayed giant ones.

Donut Room

This is the first room that you’ll get to see as you enter the Dessert Museum. To be able to get in, you’ll slide your way down as you’ll be greeted by these non-edible pastel colored donuts! How fun is that? Also challenge your shooting skills in their Toss Game area!

Marshmallow Room

You’ll feel like in a frosty place in this Marshmallow Room! Hanging non-edible marshmallows look like snows and clouds falling and floating from the sky. They will also give you a sweet treat you can finally eat as you enter the area.

GumBall/Bubblegum Room

Ever dreamed of jumping in a pool of bubblegums? Now you can do it! Dessert Museum’s Gumball/Bubblegum room allows you to take a dip in the gum-looking balloons and soft balls in a tub and in a huge airy machine! It’s like in a trampoline park but dessert-themed

Banana Beach Room

Of course beaches are fun in the Philippines but have you been to a banana beach?? Now you have! The sliding never ends as you can get to slide down the pool of non-edible bananas in this instagram-worthy room! Unleash your inner minion as you sing “Ba-na-naaaa”!

RoyalTea MilkTea Room

This could be so far the most eventful room they have. You can try the human claw machine while picking up sweet treats underneath the PICK ME pool or test your beer-pong skills and throw these boba-looking balls on the cups! They also give free milktea you can drink in this room!

Pinata Pit Room

Now every filipinos will feel nostalgic in this room. As mostly of us had one smashing-pinata experience in a birthday party when we were young. However, try containing your feels as you can’t just smash everything inside. You can also ride their pinata-themed mini carousel inside!

Bewitching Bakery Room

Well, Alice Wonderland and Hansel and Gretel feels in this Bewitching Bakery Room! There are huge non-edible candies and giant tea sets where you can sit and take photos! They also give free macaroons you can eat in this room. Very Disney feels!

Kake-Pop Kourt Room

Now where are all my k-pop fanatics at?? This squid-game themed room will surely excite your kpop feels! Try swinging at the inverted lollipop and recreate your own wrecking ball music video! And of course, the squid-game experience is incomplete without the Honeycomb challenge, right?? Challenge your loved ones and test your licking and biting skills as you get the shape from the dalgona candy! Don’t worry, nobody will shoot you when you fail.

Tips and Guidelines in Museum Visit

  • Address is Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay, 1300, Philippines
  • Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM 
  • Wear comfortable clothes. For girls, wear extra layer under because there’s a slide at the entrance
  • Bring extra portable light and good quality camera. Most of the rooms are dim
  • They give 4 edible sweet treats in some of the rooms
  • Pets are not allowed
  • The tour begins at 10:15 AM  and lasts 15 minutes. To avoid delays, arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot. Guests who arrive late may be charged a rebooking fee or lose their slot for the day.
  • Ticket costs Php 699 for online rate and Php 799 for walk-in rate
  • 3 years old and below are FREE. Should be accompanied by 1 paying adult
  • Visitors of all ages are now welcome! Adults (18 years and older) must be FULLY VAXXED, and children (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by a fully vaxxed adult.
  • They only allow limited numbers of visitors per day so booking earlier is highly encouraged
  • Wear masks all the time
  • LATE COMERS will be charged a rescheduling fee of PHP100 per person and will be accommodated only if a slot becomes available.
  • NO SHOWS can be rescheduled up to three (3) days after the guest/s booked date, because LATE RESCHEDULING FEE CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE, and that will incur a PHP 200 RESCHEDULING FEE for slot availability.
  • Attempts to reschedule after seven (7) days of your scheduled date are not permitted and will result in a forfeiture of your reservation.
  • All tickets are non-refundable.

How to get there

Via Train

  • Ride MRT and alight at Taft Station. Then ride a jeepney going to SM Mall of Asia. From there, you can walk towards Conrad Manila, beside SM Mall of Asia.

Via Bus

  • Ride a southbound bus bound to SM Mall of Asia then alight at the mall. From there, you can walk towards Conrad Manila, beside SM Mall of Asia.

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  1. Not as nice as what is featured . Give away sweets are so small or just a small bite..not as related ti the sweet room unlike before. Your 799 entrance is not worrh it. Hope they can being back standards just like before…

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