Tagaytay City – More places to visit & dine in 2022!

Tagaytay City – More places to visit & dine in 2022!

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Tagaytay City is known as the Philippines’ “Second Summer Capital”. Next to the famous Baguio City in Cordillera. It is a component city in the province of Cavite. Indeed one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country with breathtaking scenery. The cooler climate provided by its high landscape elevation is also one of the reasons why tourists flock to the place. Tagaytay has several vantage points overlooking Taal Lake and the volcano offering one of the Philippines’ most iconic views. Now that the pandemic has stolen so much of everyone’s time and freedom, people are now thirsty to go back to have life used to be. As everything now seems to go back to normal, these places are being flooded again by locals and tourists. More spots and establishments have opened. Furthermore, If you’re looking for places, restaurants, and activities in Tagaytay City, here are our suggestions:


The People’s Park in the Sky, also known as the Palace in the Sky (originally, People’s Park), is a historical urban park in Tagaytay City. It was created from an unfinished mansion that was built during the Marcos regime to host US President Ronald Reagan’s visit. When Reagan canceled his visit, work ceased, and the mansion’s incomplete scaffolding remained. From 5 AM to 8 AM, the place gets very foggy – the sight of Taal lake and the volcano will be impossible. During these hours, the overlooking view is clouded with fog to 0% visibility. As of writing, they have an entrance fee of Php 30.00 per head. You can find some souvenir shops and eateries inside. Furthermore, from the gate, you will have to take about 10 minutes walk going up the top or you can ride the jeepneys inside for Php 50.00 per head.


Picnic Grove is one of the most famous tourist spots in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay Picnic Grove is famous for its numerous picnic huts and tables. It is also one of the places where you could try horseback riding, zip lining, and cable cart riding. A lot of locals and tourists hang out and chill here with their loved ones. It is a great place to do activities and has a picnic while enjoying the view of Taal Lake and the Volcano. If you plan to visit, bring your walking shoes because this place isn’t all paved. You must descend and walk downhill from the entrance. Unless you bring a car that can be parked inside. They also have a lot of souvenir shops by the entrance. Moreover, they have an entrance fee of Php 50.00 per head and a Php 35.00 parking fee. This is indeed a must-visit!


Paradizoo Theme Farm is a 10-hectare rolling terrain land with various areas such as Farm Animals, Vegetable and Flower Garden, and much more. Paradizoo is the only theme farm concept in Metro Tagaytay, combining a zoo and a theme park. Moreover, it provides a variety of educational, outdoor, and group outing programs for those who enjoy nature, flowers, and animals. They also have a Flower Garden where you can roam around a paradise filled with different types and colorful flowers. Learn more about bees and their importance to the environment, as well as a variety of honey bee products for sale on their Honey Bee Farm. For the Plantitos and Plantitas, they have a Vegetable Garden where you can see variety of fresh edible vegetables grown through best practices in agriculture. Moreover, entrance Fee is Php 199/adult, Php 149/child and children 3 feet below are free of charge.


Salakot Restaurant is a Filipino-themed outdoor restaurant that serves both local and international cuisine. It has an open-style nipa hut in diverse sizes and designs for a unique and private dining experience. The restaurant also accommodates large groups for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Salakot is a Tagalog word for a native pointed hat made of indigenous materials, and most hut roofs resemble a salakot. Most garden restaurants have mosquito issues, but the restaurant solved this by incorporating a fish net into their hut designs to repel mosquitoes while also providing some privacy. The food on the menu is served in sharing portions for 3 people and more. There’s an abundance of options, so ask the food server for bestseller recommendations. Furthermore, the location is instagrammable, and it’s a pleasant place to unwind in the midst of fresh air and open spaces.


Tagaytay City is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. There’s no wonder it has a lot of famous pasalubong shops such as Colette’s, Cecilia’s, and Rowena’s. Just right across the Tagaytay Fruits and Flower market, you’ll find the Pasalubong Center. Pasalubong is a Filipino word for a present or souvenir that was given to a friend or relative by a person who has returned from a trip or arrived for a visit. From these shops, you can find snacks such as meringue, tarts, and different kinds of pastries you can take back home. Don’t forget to buy fresh fruits and flowers on the stalls across!


Acienda Designer Outlet is the Philippines’ first international outlet mall in Tagaytay-Cavite road. This open-air mall has become a popular destination for both local and international tourists visiting Tagaytay. All year long, find your favorite brands at reduced prices. They also have over 100 units dedicated to fashion brands to clear out their out-of-season merchandise. Deals and discounts of up to 70% off the original retail price and more are available. Acienda Designer Outlet is not only a great place to shop, but it can also be a fun day out with family and friends. Furthermore, around every corner, there are great selfie opportunities with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and their 3.5-story-tall Windmill. When you need a break from bargain hunting and photo opportunities, stop by one of their restaurants, bars, kiosks, or coffee shops. Definitely a must-visit place in Tagaytay City!


The Lake Hotel Tagaytay has established itself as one of the Tagaytay hotels with the best view of the world-famous Taal Lake and Volcano. This 3-story Mediterranean-inspired hotel in the heart of the city offers its guests easy access to numerous tourist destinations and local restaurants while also providing luxurious recreational facilities within the hotel itself, including an infinity pool, a fitness center, KTV lounges, and a game room, among many others. Banquet facilities are also available for corporate functions and life celebrations. With a magnificent view of Taal Lake and Volcano, a wide range of facilities and amenities, cozy and luxurious lodgings, delectable Lake Cafe dishes, and a flavorful and top notch buffet breakfast, the Lake Hotel Tagaytay is undoubtedly the place to wake up with satisfaction and serenity. Just founded in 2009, this is one of the newest and most recommended hotel in the City of Smiles.


Tagaytay is famous for its savory Bulalo joints. Given Tagaytay’s chilly and breezy climate, it’s easy to see why this is a popular comfort food. If you’re going to the city soon, you can’t go wrong with a satisfying bowl of Tagaytay bulalo! Bulalo is a traditional Filipino beef dish. It is a light-colored soup made by simmering beef shanks and bone marrow in a clear broth until the collagen and fat have melted. Leafy vegetables, corn on the cob, scallions, onions, garlic, ginger, and fish sauce are common ingredients. Bulalo Capital has two floors that can accommodate large groups of people. Its menu offers a broad range of choices. Moreover, the menu includes everything from the signature Bulalo Special to Crispy Tawilis (a local fish delicacy endemic to Taal Lake) and a variety of other meat, vegetable, and noodle dishes. These dishes are available ala carte or in sets.

Here are more places you should check-out in Tagaytay:

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