Suki Market – The cleanest public market in Metro Manila

Suki Market – The cleanest public market in Metro Manila

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Indeed, public markets look different and each one is a unique reflection of the city in which it is located. They improve access to healthy, affordable foods. Some also are highlighting the local culture of the communities in which they are found. Wandering through a Filipino public market may seem overwhelming at first. But as you take it all in, you’ll quickly come to appreciate all the concepts. Different public markets concentrate on various types of products. Fresh produce, meat, fish, spices, and a variety of specialty and prepared foods are also commonly available. Unfortunately, the majority of the Philippines’ public markets are in disarray. Thus, hampering their potential as centers for efficient domestic retail trade. Although typical criticism in the country’s public markets is that they are unsanitary, there are still some changing this stereotype. One of those are the people behind the Suki Market in Dapitan, Quezon City.

The Suki Market

Suki Market in Dapitan is undeniably the cleanest wet and dry market in Metro Manila. It is located in Quezon City. Some public markets in the Philippines are typically known cluttered and untidy. But it’s a different state here in Suki Market. Vendors that are selling goods are all wearing uniforms with their department printed at the back. You will rarely see plastics wastes cluttered on the floors. Safety signages are all over the place reminding customers to walk carefully. The Market has different sections such as the Fish section, Meat Sections, and Fruit and Vegetable Sections. You’ll also get to see ready-to-eat foods here like sushi, bibingka, and a lot of Filipino afternoon snacks. Even goods displayed look very clean and fresh. Indeed, It’s almost like a low-cost mall supermarket in a public space. Furthermore, if you want to have a one-of-a-kind public market experience, you should go here.

Moreover, we listed down what are the stores and good you can find inside the Suki Market

Ready-to-eat-food Stalls

  • Four J’s Food and Native Delicacies
  • Maky’s Sushi Bar
  • Mary’s Herbal Outlet
  • South View Food Concepts
  • Margie and Warren Sushi Bar
  • Suki Market BranchTotoys Live Native and Dressed Chicken
  • Unik
  • Je Ja Je Sugarcane Juice
  • Paluto sa Suki

Suki Market Sections

  • Meat Section
  • Fish Section
  • Fruit and Vegetable Sections
  • Dry Section (Household, General Merchandise)

Ready-to-eat foods

  • BBQ
  • Baked Sushi
  • Pure Maki
  • Maki
  • Sushi
  • Jap Chae
  • Puto Pandan Cake
  • Mocha Cake
  • Sapin-sapin
  • Kutsinta
  • Black Kutsina
  • Kakanin
  • Puto Calasio
  • Shanghai Rolls
  • Lumpiang Ubod
  • Chicharon

Ready-to-eat foods

  • Nilupak
  • Biko
  • Suman Pinipig
  • Suman
  • Cassava Cake
  • Cassava Flan
  • Ginataan Bilo-bilo
  • Menudo
  • Adobo
  • Sinigang
  • Caldereta
  • Lechon Paksiw
  • Dinuguan
  • Chicken Hamonado
  • Cordon Bleu

Tips and Guidelines

Suki Market is indeed oneof the best public markets to go. Want to have a hassle-free shopping experience in here? Check out our tips and guides below:

  • Have temperature checks in entrance
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables
  • Maintain social distancing of course
  • Better to arrive early. You wouldn’t want to shop with a lot of shopping competitors
  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t wear anything fancy
  • Before paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and in right weight
  • Haggle is good but be reasonable.
  • Compare prices and also the quality of same products in different stores.
  • Bring bags also for your goods. Such as big plastic bags for wet goods
  • Prepare cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in a street market

How to get there

Via Jeep

  • You can ride jeepneys first from Cubao Edsa bound for Kanlaon Intersection. Then you may walk until you get to Suki Market across Savemore Drugstore

Via Taxi/Grab Car

  • Ride a taxi or book a GrabCar from any point of Metro Manila or Nearby Cities. However, this will cost more money considering the heavy traffic and distance.
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