Rada Promenade – From Parking Space to Al Fresco Dining in Makati’s Legazpi Village

Rada Promenade – From Parking Space to Al Fresco Dining in Makati’s Legazpi Village

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RADA PROMENADE: A New Tasteful Dining Haven in the Heart of Makati

In the bustling City of Makati, debuted a safe eating alternative in the last month of 2021. The Makati government collaborated with Ayala land, introducing the “Rada Promenade”. It is a new permanent outdoor eating venture in the area. Previously street parking has been transformed to include al fresco food options. The city that “makes it happen” has created another fantastic location to spend time with family and friends. Such a great solution for everyone having a hard time to dine-in due to pandemic restrictions.

First phase of Rada Promenade includes three different outdoor innovations scattered along Rada Street. The outdoor dining area is fenced and has plenty of seating areas to ensure sufficient diners’ comfort and convenience. For sure, they did not get wrong on adding decorative string lights, creative chair arts, and more evergreens installed and planted around the area providing such aesthetic and instagrammable dining experience.

Wicked ‘Wich Egg-drop Sandwich Food Stall

Since the spike of the K-pop hype in the Philippines, a lot of people in all ages are very indulged to the culture. Whether it be music, fashion, or clothing, a lot of millennials and gen-Zs are patronizing the products. The Egg-drop for one is getting famous among these by now. Either a runny sunny-side-up egg or fluffy scrambled eggs covered with Brioche toast are typical ingredients in an egg drop sandwich.

We tried one of the Wicked ‘Wich’s best-seller, the “Scarlet Witch” that include Brioche, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Cheese, Lettuce, Egg, and their secret ingredient, “Wicked Sauce”. Every bite was so enjoyable as the saltiness and sweetness of the meats and sauce are just all in a package of complementing rich and tasty breakfast meal. This food stall is found in the streets of Rada Promenade. Serving delectable affordable sandwiches with very witty menu names such as Maleficent, Sabrina, and Ursula – all in different array of ingredients to choose from.

SARSA Negrense Bristro by Chef JP Anglo

Tatler Dining’s Champion for Philippine cuisine in 2020 – Chef JP Angelo showcased his extraordinary talent on culinary and quickly became renowned as a judge in the show “MasterChef” along with his travel and food program in the CNN Philippines. Anglo’s dishes from his Bacolod restaurants have a delicious and unique modern touch to them. We tried his so-called “pinoy ramen” Bachoy Special.


This is just one of the two kinds of his recipes for Bachoy. We had our Special Bachoy lunch served with overwhelming bacon-cut liempo, bone marrow, and fresh eggs. Giving us a very appetizing mid-day meal. We tried the isaw (chicken intestine) too. We could taste the culture and different Philippines cuisines flavors at the same time. You might want to experience this authentic dish yourself without having to go to Ilo-ilo city as you can find this restaurant along Rada Promenade as well. You can dine inside or outside the restaurant. However, one space apart sitting must be observed.

SARSA Negrense Bristro by Chef JP Anglo

Wildflour Café + Bakery

Wild Flour Bakery + Café Corp. is a world-class restaurant company founded in 2012 in Manila, Philippines to provide delicious premium-priced food and efficient service combined with the ideal ambiance in prime, easily accessible locations.


Such a great retro interior this restaurant has. Choosing between eating on the breezy and relaxed alfresco or elegant-sleek inside-sitting will take you quite few minutes to decide. Steadfast dedication to being at the cutting edge of the local food scene. Now with more than 8 years they have already 15 branch locations including one from what we tried here in Rada Promenade. Needless to say, our day wouldn’t be complete without the afternoon snack or “merienda”.

What is the other best way to enjoy meriendas but to share their Banana Bread and Chocolate chip cookies? Oozing with rich banana and cocoa flavors, we have completed our healthy-sweet cravings by pairing it up with their Good Morning Sunshine Smoothies. Every sip is exploding with fruity flavors in your mouth giving such tropical fresh taste in the afternoon snack.


Apart from these tasteful restaurants and food stalls we tried, you can also find these following food havens in Rada Promenade’s outdoor eating venture.

You can choose your meal or snack depending on your cravings whether it be Asian, Italian, or just something caffeinated to boost you in the day :

  • Nikkei Nama Bar (Bento House)
  • Coffee Bean
  • Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Health & Safety Protocols

Of course, we all want to maximize our freedom on choosing where we want to eat, what to eat, and who to hang-out with. However, the Makati management administer strict compliance of these reminders to maintain safety of every diner’s and passer by’s health:

  • Wearing facemasks at all times
  • Social distancing should be constantly practiced.
  • Sanitize and disinfect hands regularly. Before and after eating.

Family and Pet Friendly

Aside from hanging-out and eating spaces, these are also notable outdoor eating venture feats that they allowed and provided for the citizens:

  • You may stroll with your furry babies with their pet-friendly policy
  • Bikers and Health-conscious folks are welcome to dine at the area’s unique Bike and Dine racks. Just make sure you clean as you go (CLAYGO)
  • The car-riding public is still welcome to stop by Rada St. and sample a variety of unique food concepts offered by partner Makati restaurants and merchants.
  • Its strategic location offers a convenient link to Makati’s well-loved community parks, such as Washington Sycip and Legazpi Active Parks, establishing Makati as a walkable city.


There are also nearby fun places you want to visit. Check out these places we walked through for you!

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  1. Yuck. Flavored with the carbon monoxide coming out from the cars and trucks that continue to pass Rada. They should close the street to traffic if they want a better environment. As it is, it’s a poor idea to generate more income for the covid ravaged restaurants on that street.

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