Quinta Market – A remarkable market in Quiapo, Manila

Quinta Market – A remarkable market in Quiapo, Manila

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The Palengke, or Public Market, is the face of business in the Philippines’ various cities and municipalities. They increase access to nutritious, low-cost foods. Some are also emphasizing the local culture of the communities in which they live. Wandering through a Filipino public market may appear challenging. But as you take it all in, you’ll quickly realize how important each premise is. Different public markets focus on different types of products. Fresh produce, meat, fish, spices, and a wide range of specialty and prepared foods are also available. Unfortunately, the majority of public markets in the Philippines are in disarray. Thus their potential as centers for efficient domestic retail trade was hampered. The Manila City government passed an ordinance in 2014. It allows the city government of Manila to demolish and rebuild several of the city’s public markets. The first market to under go under reconstruction was Quinta Market.

The Quinta Market

The Spanish colonial government built the Quinta Market in 1851, the same year as the Divisoria Market. It is one of the Philippines’ oldest public markets, dating back to its inception. It was also known as Quiapo Market and catered to the wealthy families who lived in the area in its early years. By the early twentieth century, the market had grown to become one of the most important in the city. However, rising congestion and a shift in business to new developments outside the city have led to its gradual decline. Hence, culminating in the market’s demolition and reconstruction in 2017. The old market structure was replaced by a two-story modern structure known as the Quinta Market and Fishport. Now, it has become one of the most visited daily market in Manila. Indeed a prominent part of residents lives through time. Try checking out the place if you’re nearby.

What you can find

Moreover, we listed down what are the stores and goods you can find inside the Quinta Market


  • Minda’s Native Store
  • Julio Retail for Market
  • Magsino Native Products
  • Cardez Handicraft
  • Conis Grocery & Cold Store


  • Chicken Meat
  • Pork Meat
  • Beef Meat
  • Seafoods (fish, crabs, shrimps, many more)
  • Household and General Merchandise
  • Ready cooked foods

Tips and Guidelines

Quinta Market is indeed has of the most affordable products to buy. Want to have a hassle-free shopping experience in here? Check out our tips and guides below:

  • They open from 7AM to 9PM daily
  • Have temperature checks in entrance
  • There is a parking right beside the building. As of writing, you have to pay Php 50.00 for the first 2 hours. Php 25.00 for Motorcycles
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables
  • Maintain social distancing of course
  • Better to arrive early. You wouldn’t want to shop with a lot of shopping competitors
  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t wear anything fancy
  • Before paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and in right weight
  • Haggling is good but be reasonable
  • Compare prices and also the quality of same products in different stores
  • Bring bags also for your goods. Such as big plastic bags for wet goods
  • Prepare cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in a public market

Attractions nearby Quinta Market

If you’re planning to go here, you may try going around the place and find these monumental and notable landmarks and attractions

  • Plaza Miranda
  • Plaza del Carmen
  • Casa Viejo
  • Reducto de San Pedro
  • Arroceros Forest Park
  • Ocampo Pagoda
  • Bonifacio and the Katipunan Revolution Monument
  • National Museum of the Philippines
  • Calvo Museum
  • Bahay Tsinoy, Museum of Chinese in Philippine Life
  • Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene
  • Santiago Heritage House
  • Estrella Heritage House
  • Paskuhan sa Maynila
  • San Diego Gardens

How to get there

  • If you’re arriving from Quezon Blvd., you’ll see Quiapo Church on your right. Take the service road beside the bridge, continue straight, and the parking entrance will be in front of you
  • If you’re coming from Carlos Palanca Street, Quinta Market will be on your right, and the parking entrance will be at the back of the building
  • Ride a taxi or book a GrabCar from any point of Metro Manila or Nearby Cities. However, this will cost more money considering the heavy traffic and distance.
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