Quiapo Bridge Handicraft & Christmas Decor Market

Quiapo Bridge Handicraft & Christmas Decor Market

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Quiapo is a Manila district located in the Philippines’ National Capital Region. It is famous as the “Old Downtown of Manila”, and home to the Quiapo Church. The shrine is where the feast of the Black Nazarene is celebrated annually by millions of people. The district also made a name for itself as a bargain-hunting destination. Quiapo’s status as the center of activity for Manila’s social elites, as well as trade, fashion, art, and higher learning, was shared by its surroundings. However, the construction of the Manila Light Rail Transit System’s LRT-1 spanning Rizal Avenue resulted in the occlusion of light, the trapping of smog, and the emission of vehicle emissions, leaving the streets beneath dark, gloomy, and with an increase in crime and transients. As a result, many long-standing businesses left the area. Even so, up to this writing, the district is still alive and beaming with diverse cultures.


They also have some rattan-made home decor, bags, wooden wind chimes, and more. One of the things that caught our attention in Quiapo Bridge Handicrafts is the Sungka that they sell for an affordable price. It is a traditional game in the Philippines that most families enjoy during gatherings. It entails dropping shells or stones into large holes on Sungkaan, a long canoe-shaped board. A small Sungka costs Php 280 and the bigger costs Php 320 only. Definitely, a good place to go if you’re looking for a Filipino vintage-wooden home vibe!

Christmas Decor

Aside from handicrafts, home decor, and furniture, you can also find Christmas decorations like Belen, Christmas lights, and Christmas lanterns under the Quiapo bridge. What’s good about this is they also sell these all year round, just more during the season. The nativity model (Belen) ranges from Php 500 – Php 2,000 depending on the size. Furthermore, the ancestors are highly stylized in the sculptures, and the presence of the ancestral spirit is thought to confer power and wealth.

To bring more brightness to the home, they also have lanterns in different designs, shapes, and sizes. These lanterns range from Php 500 – Php 5000. Christmas tree decorations and Christmas lights are also available. Now that the season has started, the prices are rising again. Better to shop as early as possible to avoid the crowd and to get better options.

Tips and Guidelines

Quiapo Bridge Handicraft Market indeed has the most affordable products to buy. Want to have a hassle-free shopping experience here? Check out our tips and guides below:

  • They open from 7AM to 9PM daily
  • There’s no parking, but you may park at Quinta Market nearby. As of writing, you have to pay Php 50.00 for the first 2 hours. Php 25.00 for Motorcycles
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables
  • Maintain social distancing of course
  • Better to arrive early. You wouldn’t want to shop with a lot of shopping competitors
  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t wear anything fancy
  • Before paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and in the right weight
  • Haggling is good but should be reasonable
  • Compare prices and also the quality of similar products in different stores
  • Bring bags also for your goods. Such as big plastic bags for wet goods
  • Prepare cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in a public market

Attractions nearby Quiapo Bridge

If you’re planning to shop here, you may try going around the place and find these monumental and notable landmarks and attractions.

  • Plaza Miranda
  • Plaza del Carmen
  • Casa Viejo
  • Reducto de San Pedro
  • Arroceros Forest Park
  • Ocampo Pagoda
  • Bonifacio and the Katipunan Revolution Monument
  • National Museum of the Philippines
  • Calvo Museum
  • Bahay Tsinoy, Museum of Chinese in Philippine Life
  • Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene
  • Santiago Heritage House
  • Estrella Heritage House
  • Paskuhan sa Maynila
  • San Diego Gardens
  • Quinta Market

How to get there

  • If you’re arriving from Quezon Boulevard, you’ll see Quiapo Church on your right. Take the service road beside the bridge, continue straight, and the parking entrance will be in front of you
  • If you’re coming from Carlos Palanca Street, Quinta Market will be on your right, and the parking entrance will be at the back of the building
  • Ride a taxi or book a GrabCar from any point in Metro Manila or Nearby Cities. However, this will cost more money considering the heavy traffic and distance.
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