Quezon Province – Where to stay and what to do here?

Quezon Province – Where to stay and what to do here?

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The Calabarzon region’s Quezon province is known for its charming islands and highlands. Serene beaches and forests, as well as modern amenities and exciting nightlife, draw many nature adventurers. It also highlight sandy coastlines, rich culture of locals, and spiritual places. The drive from Manila to there takes only about 2 to 3 hours. Another reason Quezon has become a popular ideal vacation destination is its accessibility and proximity to Manila. Several landmarks in Quezon Province are culturally and historically significant to the country. The Filipinos’ devotion to religion and spirituality is also visible here. Moreover, this province’s climate has a variety of weather patterns. The majority of the province has a Type IV climate, which means that rain falls evenly throughout the year. In addition, If you want to make the most of your visit to Quezon Province, here are the best places and events to visit.

Stay and try team-building activities in BATIS ARAMIN

Batis Aramin Hotel & Resort is located in Malupak, Lucban Quezon Province. If you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere integrated with mesmerizing and exciting outdoor activities, this is the place to go. It is just across Kamay ni Hesus and near Lucban’s town center. The resort has seven swimming pools. Furthermore, four of which are accessible to the public and three of which are reserved for in-house guests only. The four public swimming pools are the Infinity Pool, Kiddie Pool, Banahaw Pool, and Piknikan Pool. Moreover, the Pavilion Pool, Hilltop Pool, and Fidez House Pool are the three exclusive pools. All of the pools are said to be pumped by natural and pristine water from the Aramin spring. There are also several activities you can do here, perfect for team-building. Such as, rock-wall climbing, ziplining, rapelling and many more. Batis Aramin is indeed an all-in-one place to go in Quezon Province.

Experience the vibrant PAHIYAS FESTIVAL

Pahiyas Festival in Quezon Province is the best-known harvest festival to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron of farmers. It is deeply ingrained in the traditional celebration of the townspeople in thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. Moreover, “Kiping” decorations are leaf-shaped and multi-colored rice paste wafers that are used to decorate the facades of homes alongside fruits and flowers from nature. The visual and gastronomic feast has gained national and international recognition. The Lucban town center is a permanent facility for selling crafts and delicacies. As well as hosting special events that showcase the local way of life. The festival also includes pageants where beautiful women are showcasing their “kiping-designed” dresses. The Pahiyas happen every May 15 yearly. Furthermore, this colorful celebration is attracting local and foreign tourists. Indeed such a great event to experience for everyone.

Eat seafoods on floating cottages at KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN

One of the most well-known resorts in Quezon Province is Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. A hotel, three restaurants, two cafes, one bar, two swimming pools, and an eco-park are all part of this resort complex.
The main floating restaurant is the resort’s top attraction. They just started as that until they grew and added more facilities. Moreover, this restaurant section features 60 floating rustic cottages on a man-made pond. The menu here primarily consists of Tayabas Quezon’s signature native dishes and assorted seafood. You can enjoy the green scenery and cool breeze while dining at Kamayan. The owners try to keep their prices low so that locals can afford them. The resort provides free Wi-Fi as well as self-parking. It has multi-purpose rooms for group meetings and events. In addition, you can spend more time at the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan complex and engage in trekking, swimming, and horseback riding.

Exercise, contemplate and reconnect spiritually in KAMAY NI HESUS

Locals consider Kamay ni Hesus to be a sacred and spiritual site. This tourist spot is just across the Batis Aramin. So if you’re staying in the said place, this will be very convenient for you. For many, it has become a pilgrimage site where devotees can pray for healing or confess their sins. Even if you are not a Catholic, you may find the shrine interesting to visit. They also have a lodging or hotel that looks like the Noah’s Ark from the outside. Thus, another option for you to stay in your vacation in Quezon province. You can walk around the compound and take in the natural beauty. You can, however, climb the 300-steps (312, as we count it to see the famous giant statue of Jesus Christ standing on top of the ridge. The view of Lucban Quezon from the summit is also worthwhile.

Go around through carabao cart ride and do bamboo rafting in VILLA ESCUDERO

Villa Escudero began in Tiaong Quezon as a sugarcane and coconut plantation. The owners converted a portion of this property into a resort in the 1980s. Over the years, Villa Escudero has become a popular destination for tourists seeking to learn about and experience Filipino culture and heritage. In addition, the resort provides lodging in a green and serene plantation setting. It also houses a museum with one of the country’s largest private antique collections. Moreover, the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant is another highlight of your visit to Villa Escudero. This restaurant is located at the base of the Labasin Waterfalls, the property’s stunning focal point. Traditional Filipino dishes are served in buffet setting while your feet are dipped in shallow water. Villa Escudero commemorates Filipino heritage by hosting the Philippine Experience Show on a regular basis. They also offer a carabao cart ride while being serenaded with filipino folk songs.

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