Omniverse Museum – Attraction For Movie and Anime Enthusiasts!

Omniverse Museum – Attraction For Movie and Anime Enthusiasts!

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The Omniverse Museum is the latest addition to the indoor entertainment scene. It offers a vast array of exhibits that cater to fans of all ages. As the largest attraction of its kind in the Philippines, it promises an outstanding experience for visitors. Here, people will witness the magic of pop culture with the intrigue of scientific discovery. Featuring items from your favorite comic books, movies, novels, and TV series, the museum boasts an impressive showcase of memorabilia. Each piece is carefully curated to ensure authenticity and to celebrate these beloved franchises. From life-sized replicas of iconic characters and scenes to rare artifacts never before displayed publicly, the Omniverse Museum is a dream come true for fans and collectors alike.

Visitors can take photos with the statue replicas of iconic characters and scenes. All set within a cutting-edge, futuristic environment. The museum’s design enhances the immersive experience, making it feel like entered into another world. The museum offers a truly immersive experience with larger-than-life sets, soundscapes, and interactive elements. Step into scenes from your favorite movies and feel like you are part of the action! With exhibits dedicated to science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and humanities, visitors can explore and discover new knowledge in a fun and interactive way. The museum features more than 50 educational activities and informational displays that delve into the real science behind science fiction. These activities are designed to be engaging and informative, making learning fun for visitors of all ages. Spanning 3,500 square meters, this exhibit combines science fiction with real scientific inquiry, sparking curiosity about the cosmos.

What to expect?

Exclusive Artifacts: With thousands of artifacts, props, and collectibles sourced from Hollywood studios and around the world, the museum provides an exclusive look at the treasures of pop culture. Each item tells a story, offering a glimpse into the magic of filmmaking.

Original Autographs: The museum’s collection includes original autographs from the actors and stars who brought your favorite blockbuster heroes to life. These signed items add a personal touch to the exhibits, connecting fans with the stars they admire.

20 Themed Worlds: Visitors can explore 20 different worlds within the museum, each dedicated to a specific collection. These worlds are designed to captivate and transport fans into the universes of their favorite franchises.

A day pass costs P1,499, providing access for a one-time entry. This ticket grants visitors a full day to immerse themselves in the museum’s many attractions. Addditionally, the Omniverse Museum operates from 10 AM – 9 PM, Monday to Friday, and from 10 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Visitors must enter at least 2 hours before closing time to ensure they have enough time to experience everything the museum has to offer.


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How to get there?


  • Take the MRT-3 line and board a train heading towards Taft Avenue if you are coming from the north, or towards North Avenue if you are coming from the south.
  • Get off at Ayala Station, which is located in Makati. This station is the most convenient stop for accessing Glorietta Mall.
  • Use the southbound exit to leave Ayala Station. Follow the signs leading to SM Makati, Glorietta, and Ayala Center.
  • Upon exiting the station, head towards the interconnected walkways and bridges that lead to Glorietta Mall. The walk is short and well-marked with signs.
  • Once inside Glorietta Mall, navigate to Glorietta 2. Use the escalators or elevators to reach the 4th floor.
  • On the 4th floor of Glorietta 2, look for Japan Town. The Omniverse Museum is located within this area.
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