Nightmares Manila – PH’s newest haunted attraction

Nightmares Manila – PH’s newest haunted attraction

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There’s always been a lure to the haunted houses and alike. Something that makes us want to go inside and check what’s there, even if we don’t know what’ll scare the bejesus out of us. So, what make these thrilling experiences so entertaining? Indeed, we got a good scare at Asylum Manila in 2019, but the same terrifying aficionados are back to give us the newest Nightmares Manila. It is their another walk-through horror attraction sought Filipinos and foreigners to visit its haunted houses. Moreover, Nightmares Manila is featuring horror film-style surprises and Hollywood-quality special effects. So you will surely feel like a main character in an actual horrifying movie show! They are open daily from 4 PM-12 MN (I say try going there around 10-11 PM for creepier feels). Furthermore, this attraction opened May 27 at the same location to give you an early Halloween group activities.

A glimpse of ASYLUM MANILA

Before the COVID-19, ASYLUM MANILA has been serving surreal thrilling experience to everyone looking for extreme jump scares. Its bleak surroundings, combined with actors who perfected their roles, made for an ideal bonding experience for those looking for different kind of “night-life”. However just like almost all of the business, Asylum Manila had to close when pandemic restrictions were set. Apparently, two years later, they came back and ready to welcome Filipinos to an even more harrowing experience with its larger location in Paranaque City. In addition to the mechanism, they employ Filipino theater artists to help bring about realistic experience. The attraction highlights their two haunted houses, four escape rooms, a cafe, and a lot more! They also have a “Behind the Scenes Tour,” which allows visitors to get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work at a haunted attraction. This attraction is now called Nightmares Manila.


The Nightmares Haunted House is the main attraction at Nightmares Manila. This is based on a made-up story about a husband and wife who adopted a foreboding child and then forsaken their home. You’ll be greeted a very shaky elevator going to the haunted house.

Regular Rate

P699 Weekdays (Mon-Thurs)
P799 Weekends (Fri-Sun) or Holidays

VIP / Vloggers Pass

P1499 Everyday
VIP Pass includes: Front of the line
(Video and picture taking allowed inside)


Nightmares Manila’s second haunted house attraction is inspired by a Japanese movie “As the God’s will”. Furthermore, you’ll see one of the area look just as similar as the movie – having Daruma-san (a traditional Japanese doll) and mannequin of Japanese students with severed heads. This also shows other parts of a typical school like the cafeteria and library – but with a scary twist.

Regular Rate

P399 Everyday

VIP / Vloggers Pass

P599 Everyday

(Video and picture taking allowed inside)


  • ESCAPE THE SERIAL KILLER (4-6 Persons) – A serial killer abducted you and your friends as captives in his basement. Find a way out before he returns and have you for dinner, literally eating you!
  • THE HEIST (4-6 Persons) – Break into the office of a murdered wealthy shipping tycoon. Find the clues, and discover the treasure to save the day!
  • THE CELL (4-6 Persons) – You and your friends awoke in a cell, at the mercy of a deranged game master; play his game, stay alive, and escape. Inspired by the movie, “Saw”
  • PHARAOHS CURSE (4-6 Persons) – You and your fellow adventurers are stuck in an ancient Egyptian tomb while on an archaeological expedition to Egypt. You must figure out how to break the curse and escape before you and your friends are forever trapped!

Regular Rate

Weekdays (Tues-Thurs)
P400 each         4-6 persons

Weekends (Fri-Sun, Holidays)
P500 each         4-6 Persons


If you ever imagined yourself having an encounter with Zombies in an apocalyptic era, this will be a glimpse of it. Furthermore, this Nightmares Manila’s attraction gives you a live simulation of shooting horde of Zombies using paintball guns! The actors are wearing thick costumes to protect them from the paintball ammos.

Regular Rate

P299 Everyday


You can buy some cool shirts in their ground floor area. They also four (4) different horror-themed photobooth where you and your friends can take photo with Chucky, Pennywise, and more! Printed copies of photos costs P300 each (comes with a cover and softcopy)


Nightmares Cafe serves a wide range of delectable meals, beverages, and sweet treats. Nightmares Manila can also cater to your next party. They are also open for team building and company parties and events. 


  • Bring face towels, some attractions don’t have air conditioning. Or maybe they do have but not working well. Either way, you’ll be sweating hard afterwards
  • No refunds so make sure you have enough courage
  • Remove any important jewelry that could get lost
  • You may secure your belongings in the locker
  • No touching of actors/guests, keep your hands to yourselves
  • People with health conditions like asthma, seizures, and heart problems are not allowed
  • No smoking inside
  • No running and wearing high heels
  • You can only call them for queries around 4 PM – 12 MN (we had a hard time securing reservation)


Address: Dr. A. Santos Ave. cor. Rainbow Dr Goodwill 2 Subd., Brgy, ParaƱaque, 1720 Metro Manila


Next to Loyola Memorial, Behind UCPB Bank and Hyundai Sucat, near SLEX/Skyway

Parking Area

Paid parking is available on-site, inquire at the guard house upon entry.

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  1. so excited! I’m going to to the Philippines this year and I really want to go here with my girlfriend and see the bejesuss get scared out of her. then maybe she will hug me if I’m lucky!!!

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