Must-visit spots when Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines

Must-visit spots when Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines

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The Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches and tropical weather. Hence, a lot of tourists love to go to every summer. During the 20’s, it has gained a lot of notable awards attracting people all over the world. Furthermore, The resort island was ranked first on an international magazine’s list of the “Best Islands in the World” in 2014. But what else is there the country has to offer? We live in an archipelago having so many islands that build the Philippines. So aside from extreme water sports, people also find pleasure in hopping from one island to another. Even near the Boracay Island, there are still more beaches and coves just sitting around. Moreover, as time goes by, these places are starting to get appreciation from tourists and locals. Get your itinerary list and check-out these must-visit spots in your next Boracay getaway:

Puka Beach

The Puka Beach is located on the island of Boracay’s northern coast. This stretch was originally known as Yapak Beach, after the barangay in which it is located. The beach is boasting with puka shells, which is where it got its name. It is one of the must-visit spots to go to if you’re planning on an island hopping in Boracay. While the coral bits make the sand slightly coarser than on White Beach, this location compensates for it with nearly untouched natural beauty. You’ll see backdrop of large coconut trees amid a vibrant tropical forest just beyond its beautiful shore. Just like in the Boracay, you can also do different water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, any many more. Moreover, the Puka Beach offers great view of sunset. So you may try watching the sun sleep with your loved ones. Help give support to locals by buying their handmade crafts!

Crystal Cove

The Crystal Cove in southeast Boracay is one of the must-visit spots to go to if you’re planning on an island hopping. It is a famous area for tourists and locals when it comes to snorkeling. Aside from that, youcan also do trekking and fishing on some areas depending on the sea condition. They have 2 caves that you can explore when the tides are low-these are their main attractions. They are open from 8 AM to 4 PM with the 3 PM last call so make sure you get there early specially if you want to do some activities. Tourists may get some rest under their huts and cabanas. The boat ride can be a little long (20 mins) but you can get to enjoy the sceneries and spot some other islands as you pass by. Just make sure to prepare a Php 300 entrance fee per head.

Shingley Resort

The Shingley Resort near southeast Boracay is one of the must-visit spots to go to if you’re planning on an island hopping. They offer some other activities you don’t get to find in other resorts. If you’re into some riding, try their ATV rides. There are some rocky and muddy areas in the resort which is best fit for the kind of ride. They have a cliff jumping activity as well for extra adrenaline rush. Moreover, If you want some refreshments, you can try their warm Kawa bath where in you will be bathing in a huge cooking vessel. Underneath are ablazed charcoal or woods to keep the water just hot enough to your liking. Don’t worry, you will not get burnt unless to stay for too long. Everybody wants to try a unique bath once in a while right? They open from 10 AM to 3 PM daily. You can avail a package tour from them that includes lunch if you prefer.

Tips in Island hopping

  • Bring antiemetics if you easily get seasick
  • Apply sunscreen or sunblock for skin protection
  • Bring extra cash for souvenirs, entrance fees, and foods
  • Research first and be vigilant of rip-off packages
  • Bring extra clothes (instagrammable outfits if you want but make sure you’re comfortable)
  • Bring water repellant bags, plastics, or containers for extra security
  • Be mindful of personal belongings
  • Carry important personal stuff, don’t leave in the boat


For a hassle-free island hopping, You may avail some package tours at Boracay. They have group package wherein you will be paying Php 600 to Php 900 per head. Each boat will have to occupy 35 people before the boat ride. Moreover, you can also try the private ride costs Php 1,200 – Php 1,600 per head. In this, you don’t have to wait for other passengers to aboard. The boat leaves immediately as you request. However, most of these are boat transportation fees only. Other expenses like souvenirs, food, entrance fees are not included.

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2 thoughts on “Must-visit spots when Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines

  1. Went on island hopping for 600 pesos per head included meals in Paraw. We did not enjoy the food at all. It is not worth it. Instead make another choice of place for meals. Crystal cove has entrance fee of 300 per head. You need to pay 40 pesos when you go snorkeling.
    Just so you are prepared.

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