Mirador Heritage & Eco Park; Glimpse of Japan in the City of Pines

Mirador Heritage & Eco Park; Glimpse of Japan in the City of Pines

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Mirador Heritage & Eco Park is a multi-terrace landscape that spans an expansive area of 5 hectares. It offers ample space for visitors to explore and immerse themselves in its beauty. The park’s origins trace back to the aftermath of World War II when Baguio City faced the devastating effects of carpet bombing. Mirador Hill, the site where the park is now located, served as a witness to the city’s resilience and recovery. Over the years, the land was transformed into a landscaped park with the vision of preserving Baguio’s heritage and providing a serene retreat for locals and tourists alike. The park’s development aimed to showcase the historical significance of the area while promoting ecological awareness and environmental conservation. Today, Mirador Heritage & Eco Park stands as a testament to Baguio’s rich history and the community’s dedication to preserving its natural beauty.

It serves as a reminder of the city’s enduring spirit and the importance of protecting and appreciating the cultural and ecological heritage of the region. As visitors wander through the park, they can immerse themselves in the stories embedded in its landscapes, from the Spanish-inspired Bell House to the Peace Memorial that commemorates the city’s tumultuous past. Each section of the park weaves together a tapestry of history, inviting visitors to explore, learn, and reflect. Mirador Heritage & Eco Park’s transformation into a scenic haven and cultural landmark has made it a beloved destination for locals and visitors seeking tranquility, natural beauty, and a deeper connection to Baguio’s heritage. The park stands as a living testament to the city’s journey, inviting all who enter to embrace its history, bask in its picturesque vistas, and appreciate the harmony between human development and nature’s splendor.


Lourdes Grotto: Climbing the 252-step stairway, visitors reach the Lourdes Grotto, an important pilgrimage site for the Catholic faithful. Many ascend the steps to light candles, offer flowers, and seek intercession from the Blessed Mother. The spiritual ambiance and panoramic views make it a serene and reflective spot.

Rock Garden: For those seeking adventure, the Rock Garden presents an uphill hiking trail with rock-landscaped steps, pathways, and boulders. This picturesque route offers not only a thrilling experience but also panoramic views of Baguio City. The fusion of nature and adventure makes the Rock Garden a popular choice for visitors.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove: Mirroring the famous Japanese tourist attraction, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove exudes a peaceful and forestry atmosphere. Strolling through this tranquil bamboo forest offers a respite from the city. The rustling bamboo leaves and cool ambiance create an oasis of calmness, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and contemplation.

Peace Memorial: The Peace Memorial, adorned with a Japanese torii gate, serves as a poignant reminder of the past. This spot has become increasingly popular for photography enthusiasts due to its aesthetic appeal. A bell hanging above the Torii gate, made from a neutralized bomb recovered at Mirador Hill after World War II, adds a historical touch to the site.

Breathtaking Sunsets and Jesuit Retreat: Mirador Heritage & Eco Park offers breathtaking sunset views over the western villages of Baguio and the Lingayen Gulf on clear days. Additionally, the Jesuit Villa and Retreat House provide a serene sanctuary for spiritual reflection. This retreat house is now open to visitors seeking solace and tranquility.

Café Iñigo by Ebai: Located atop the park, this café invites guests to indulge in a delightful selection of cakes, pastries, and specialty drinks while enjoying a stunning view of the park and its surroundings.

Tips and Guidelines

  • Mirador Heritage & Eco Park is open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of your time in the park.
  • The entrance fee is PHP 100 per person, and children below 12 years old can enter for free. Additional donations for the maintenance of the park are welcome and contribute to its preservation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking and exploring the park’s various attractions.
  • Respect its religious significance and the practices of Catholic pilgrims. Maintain a respectful demeanor, avoid loud conversations, and follow any posted guidelines or instructions.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated during your visit by carrying a water bottle. Although outside food is not allowed, you can enjoy refreshments and snacks at Café Iñigo by Ebai, located atop the park.
  • Practicing “Leave No Trace” principles. Dispose of trash properly in designated bins and avoid littering. Be mindful of the environment and leave the park as you found it.
  • Capture the park’s beauty through photography, but be considerate of other visitors. Avoid blocking pathways or obstructing views while taking pictures. Remember to be mindful of personal space and privacy.
  • Stay on designated trails, follow signages, and exercise caution, especially when climbing stairs or hiking in the Rock Garden.
  • Check the weather forecast for clear days, and arrive early to secure a good spot for watching the sunset over Baguio City and the Lingayen Gulf.
  • Take time to embrace the serene ambiance and tranquility that Mirador Heritage & Eco Park offers. Allow yourself to immerse in nature, reflect, and appreciate the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the park.


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