Medley Buffet – A luxurious dining in Okada Manila

Medley Buffet – A luxurious dining in Okada Manila

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Truly, the Philippines has a lot of high-end buffets. But Okada Manila’s Medley Buffet luxurious dining tops amongst others. It is situated in the bustling city of Paranaque. The stylish ambiance will greet you first upon entrance. Plus, the appetizing smell of grilled and fresh foods will invite you.

In fact, Medley Buffet serves in 7 stations having so much to choose from. Even picky eaters love to eat in this luxurious unlimited dining also. They serve a banquet of both local and international cuisines all presented and plated appetizingly. Such as Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Italian dishes. There’s a wide selection of confectionery in the dessert section for the guests. I admit it’s my favorite one being a sweet tooth. They feature inventive chocolate creations, native delicacies, and rice cakes. Surprisingly, they have homemade pastries, cakes, and chilled treats too. What more can you ask for?

Filipino Taste

Additionally, Medley Buffet luxurious dining will make you feel at home. You can find Filipino Chef Guillermo Aspera and his professional team showcasing their culinary masterpieces. Chef Asperra already has more than 30 years of solid culinary experience. He has a 5-star hotel chain in the country and the middle east where he used to work on back-to-back events from small, medium, to large-scale events. You can watch them prepare the finest and freshest ingredients on Medley Buffet’s counters. It’s not only local foods that they cook, they cook international ones too. But of course, it just feels very homey to be able to dine with the “kababayan”. We did too.

Medley Buffet

International Cuisines to choose from

The Medley Buffet luxurious dining has an all-time favorite Japanese cuisines like sushi and sashimi all displayed on the counters. We noticed that diners just can’t get enough in one sitting. People tend to go back and forth to get seconds, and maybe more of these best-loved edibles. There are also these cute chinese panda buns filled with salted egg and sweet filling. Wouldn’t you feel bad taking a bite? Try not to get tempted every second because there are still a lot more in the counter!

It was one of my favorite. Who wouldn’t? Everybody loves adorable-squishy looking but also very tasty stuff, right?

Medley Buffet primarily serves casino patrons and business travelers. Even on weekends, it doesn’t feel as congested as other buffet restaurants, so that’s a big plus. In the fresh seafood section, they have shrimps, crabs, scallops, and mussels. In fact, you can suggest how your meal should be done. Whether it’s grilled, steamed, or even seasoned with your favorite flavor. Just choose if you want them spicy, salty, or rich and savory.

This restaurant is truly the epitome of a cuisine complete dictionary. However, take note of these things before you decide to go:

  • Temperature check and hand sanitation are required upon entering.
  • Customers are required to make a reservation prior to visit.
  • You can wear anything comfortable as they allow casual attire in the premises.
  • They accept payment through cash or any major credit card. 
  • All drinks, even expensive wines are included in the rate.

How much?

Now, the cost can be a little bit over the budget if not well prepared. But it only equally serves well with how intricately they do your favorite cuisines, and how satisfying the meals are. Here are the pricing or rates in Medley Buffet as of September 2021 and may subject to change:

  • Breakfast (6 AM – 10 PM) Php 1,500/pax
  • Lunch (11:30 AM – 3 PM) Php 2,000/pax
  • Dinner (6 PM – 11 PM) Php 2,950/pax
  • Sunday Bubbly Lunch Php 2,700/pax

Okada – The Grand Icon of Manila

Situated in the city of Paranaque, you will find the entertainment city’s iconic integrated expansive leisure space, set on 42 hectares of picturesque oceanfront. Of course everyone sought to stay, play, eat, and unwind in the luxurious comforts of this one-of-a-kind and masterfully designed five-star pleasure and extravaganza. Everyone who walks through their doors is greeted with a warm welcome and overflowing hospitality making them feel at home – as the center of their core values. Of course, they hold close to their integrity “magokoro” or “true heart” in Japanese. Specifically, 3T (True clean, True safe, True heart) campaign was carefully fashioned and implemented for the health and safety of guests and team members. 

Arrive in fashion and safety

Indeed, everyone is afraid to go out amid pandemics. However, Okada Manila created innovative and technologically advanced methods as well. They use cutting-edge technology to prevent the spread of harmful elements. Aside from entrances equipped with disinfection chambers, robotic disinfection, and electrostatic sprayers, UV lights are also available throughout the property. These items are frequently used in public places and were used to boost surface disinfection. Even guests’ luggage and parcels are all disinfected upon entering. Treatment protocols have been expanded to improve the 24-hour sanitation of public areas. Here’s what they do as well:

  • Strictly practicing social distancing in the vicinity.
  • Encouraging guests and team members to comply with the 6-feet or 2-meter space between one another.
  • They encourage guests and team members to wear face masks.
  • Reducing a one-meter radius spacing in restaurant tables.
  • Rearranging slot machines and other floor layouts for maximum physical separation.
  • Ensuring that these measures are followed through queueing marks and display signs placed in public areas.

Find out more here about the Okada Manila.

Contact and Booking:

For further concerns and reservations, you may reach out to Okada through the following:

Phone: +632 855 5799



How to get there

Via Mrt

  • First, take the train going to Taft Station. Then go to Epifanio Delos Santos Ave and ride a bus going to Roxas Boulevard. Finally, from there you can walk or take a 2.8 km taxi drive going to Okada manila.

Via Bus

  • First, go to Epifanio Delos Santos Ave and ride a bus going to Roxas Boulevard. Finally, from there you can walk or take a 2.8 km taxi drive going to Okada manila.

Via Taxi or GrabCar

  • First, book a GrabCar or Taxi going to Okada Manila. This is only recommended if you’re at any point of Metro Manila and nearby Citites.
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4 thoughts on “Medley Buffet – A luxurious dining in Okada Manila

  1. Love na Love ko tong OKADA promise super ganda ng Interior design sa loob nakaka fresh ng isip and once na pinag ipunan ko talaga para lang makakain sa kanilang Restaurant 2 kami ng Mr. ko the Korean version na food wow na wow tlg!
    And the room wow! Parang ayaw ko ng umalis dun na lang ako forever… Huh kelan kaya ulit ako makakaulit kahit 1 night lang….😊

  2. I’ve heard and read a lot of good things about the Medley Buffet in Okada Hotel.
    For January to December 2023 bookings, could we make reservations within 2022?

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