McKinley Hill; An Italian Vibe Shopping and Residential in BGC

McKinley Hill; An Italian Vibe Shopping and Residential in BGC

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In the bustling heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC), you’ll find McKinley Hill – a distinctive and captivating district that radiates elegance and charm. With its scenic landscapes and unique character, McKinley Hill stands as a testament to the impact of urban planning and development. Let’s take a journey into the past to uncover the history and transformation of this remarkable area. Drawing inspiration from the captivating charm of European destinations such as Italy and Spain. The expansive 50-hectare McKinley Hill emerges as Megaworld’s most ambitious township project in Metro Manila. This elegant neighborhood introduces the sophisticated essence of Southern European culture to the Philippines. Combining high-end residences, top-tier offices, and exceptional dining and leisure spaces. Megaworld’s ambitious undertaking has transformed this expanse into a famous hub in the past 20 years. McKinley Hill solidifies its place as one of Metro Manila’s most distinguished residential area.

Its strategic location offers direct connectivity to C-5 Road, allowing seamless access to other vital road arteries in the metro, including EDSA and other key expressways. This accessibility ensures that McKinley Hill is not just a destination but a gateway to convenience and prominence. Notably, it became the preferred location for the embassies of the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Highlighting its appeal to international entities seeking a strategic base in Manila. By 2007, One World Square unveiled its inaugural office building within the precinct, enticing companies like Ericsson and Infor to establish their presence. In due course, this dynamic hub managed to attract prestigious names including Wells Fargo and Abbott, solidifying its stature as a prime business destination. Moreover, less crowded spaces, strong safety measures, and easy access to main roads have caught the interest of many different groups.

The Venice Grand Canal Mall

At the bustling heart of McKinley Hills in BGC, Philippines, the Venice Grand Canal Mall stands out as an exceptional architectural wonder. This iconic destination has gained fame not only within Metro Manila but across the entire Philippines. Taking inspiration from the captivating Venice, Italy, this expansive mall blends the charm of European waterways with contemporary shopping spaces. By 2015, the grand opening was met with excitement and curiosity from both locals and tourists alike. The mall’s stunning design made people instantly fall in love, giving them the feeling of strolling through Venice’s streets. Furthermore, skilled architects and designers collaborated to capture Italy’s romantic ambiance. Every detail, from building facades to water-crossing bridges, was carefully crafted for that vibe. The mall features a canal with gondolas. offering an unforgettable Venetian water experience under graceful bridges. It’s also packed with shops selling unique items like accessories, art, and home decorations.

Within the Venice Grand Canal Mall, a range of dining options awaits. From local eateries offering tasty Filipino cuisine to global favorites like McDonald’s and Denny’s, there’s a treat for every taste bud. Moreover, If you’re into shopping, the mall hosts numerous clothing stores featuring the latest trends. Over time, the Venice Grand Canal Mall has become a hub for cultural events, live entertainment, and enjoyable activities. The mall has also hosted art shows spotlighting local talents and mesmerizing music performances. It’s a canvas for creativity, featuring open-air concerts in the main area. Furthermore, special events like Halloween and Christmas celebrations add to the buzz. You can visit e from 11 AM – 9 PM on Mondays – Thursdays, and 9 AM – 11 PM on Fridays – Sundays. You can also enjoy a P500 gondola ride per person which can only accommodate two people at a time.


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How to get there?

  • Find the MRT station that’s closest to your location. Make sure you have your stored value card or a ticket to enter.
  • If you’re not already at Guadalupe Station, you’ll need to take the MRT train heading towards this station. Guadalupe Station is located on the MRT Line 3 (MRT-3), also known as the Blue Line.
  • From Guadalupe Station, you’ll need to transfer to a BGC Bus that will take you to the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). The BGC Bus is a dedicated bus service that connects various points within BGC.
  • Once you’re on the BGC Bus, enjoy the ride until you reach the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop. This stop is a convenient point within BGC.
  • From the Bonifacio High Street Bus Stop, McKinley Hill is just a short ride away. Follow the signs or ask locals for directions to make sure you’re heading in the right direction
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