Mati Davao Oriental – A hidden paradise in South

Mati Baywalk

Mati, Davao Oriental

Mati (City of Mati) is the capital of the province of Davao Oriental in the Philippines. It is situated on Mindanao’s south-eastern coast. The name is derived from the Mandayan word Maa-ti. It refers to the town’s creek, which dries up quickly even after heavy rain. The first settlers were the tribes Kalagan, Mandayan, and both Maguindanao and Maranao, who brought with them strong Arabic and Indo-Malayan influences. This city just recently celebrated the grand centennial of its founding as a town in 2003. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in the region due to its tropical nature and beaches. Moreover, it homes to three protected areas, the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife SanctuaryMati Protected Landscape, and Pujada Bay Protected Landscape and Seascape. The Dahican Beach is also popular with tourists and locals. Being close to the beaches and coast, no wonder this city attracts both locals and foreigners.

Mati Baywalk Park

Mati Baywalk Park is an expansive park in the City where locals spend time jogging, relaxing, hanging out with loved ones, and more. It is also the location of important city events such as the Sambuokan Festival, which is a celebration of thanksgiving for the year’s blessings of bountiful harvests and in commemoration of the city’s founding anniversary every October. The original plan included a mini park as well as revenue-generating facilities such as a convention and recreational center, among other things, all in the heart of Mati’s supposedly first boulevard. However, since the pandemic, the Mati local government has decided to focus on the most important aspect of the project: creating a park in the Baywalk. Moreover, there are numerous stores and souvenir stands for those who wish to purchase something as a souvenir. There are also shops selling food and beverages that you can bring into Baywalk park.

Blue Bless Beach Resort

Blue Bless Beach Resort is a famous beach resort in Mati that is located on a cliff and has floating cottages. Although this resort lacks a white sand beach, the clear blue waters are still enticing. Resting on the stretches overlooking Pujada island, this is indeed the premier location for excitement and adventure. Aside from Kayaking, Tornado, Aquabike, UFO, and Banana boat, there are also other fun activities you can do such as island hopping and playing on the inflatables. They have a floating water park where you can jump, balance, and play around in the inflatable slides. Moreover, there’s no problem if people in huge groups plan to visit the resort as they can accommodate an up to 20 pax group. Might be just a challenge having to walk up and down the stairs going to facilities and the beach, given that the location is sitting on a cliff.

Bador BBQ House

Bador BBQ House is a favorite grilling eatery in Mati, Davao Oriental. If you happened to visit, or just about to, this is a good place to go for a very cheap but worth-while lunch or dinner, or both! They specialize in their native grilled chicken o commonly known as Inasal. Served with their special sauce with secret ingredients, this famous dish became comfort food for both locals and foreigners since 1979. With just orders worth Php 1,000, you can already have a whole chicken with some sticks or skewers such as isaw (intestine), chicken heart and liver, and many more. Although the place isn’t something you should expect from fancy restaurants, they can still accommodate about 30 people at a time. Moreover, they don’t have air conditioners as they have semi-open space enough for the breezy air to come in. Bador uses electric fans to help ventilate the place.

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