Manay Davao Oriental – Summer paradise in South

Manay Davao Oriental – Summer paradise in South

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Over 7000 islands make up the Philippines, which are located in the western Pacific Ocean, and only about 2000 of them are inhabited. There’s no wonder that the country is famous for having stunning coastlines and beaches. A lot of foreigners think of it as the first place to go when it comes to water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. Moreover, we’re not new to Cebu being the top tourist spot to go to when it comes to these things. But is that the only place that can offer pristine powdery white sands and crystal clear oceans? Somewhere down South, Manay in Davao Oriental has a lot to offer too! Looking at Manay through Maps, you’ll notice that it’s on the very edge of the South, already touching the body of water surrounding it. No surprise if this becomes the next summer destination here in the Philippines.

Manay Town

Located in the Davao Region of Mindanao, Davao Oriental is a province of the Philippines. Its capital is the city of Mati, and to the north and west, it shares boundaries with the provinces of Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. The Mandaya Tribe and Kalagan/Kaagan people hail from this province as their ancestral home. Furthermore, Manay, or the Municipality of Manay, is a second-class municipality in the Philippine province of Davao Oriental. There are popular attractions such as Tagdalid Falls, Danao Lake, and more in this lovely municipality. Tropical rainforest climates are covered here as well. There are a lot of roads that have a view of the ocean on the side, as the place sits on the edge of the land as seen from its structure. Mainly the reason why there are a lot of beaches around the place.

Everfresh Beach Resort

Everfresh beach resort is one of the growing tourist attractions in Manay, Davao Oriental. It is a beautiful place for active recreation or vacation. Along the resort’s shoreline, there are rocky tidal flats with natural swimming pools, as well as white pebbles and sand. It is one of the local’s favorite beaches to go to in Manay. However, not a lot of people have discovered the place, as of writing. This is why it is not yet getting a lot of visitors. Most of the guests are locals from nearby towns. They are not requiring an entrance fee, but you’ll have to pay for the cottages (Php, 200- Php 500), or airconditioned rooms (Php 2,500 – Php 6,000) available. So far, they don’t have many facilities for lodging. On some bigger occasions, guests can also rent their multi-purpose area that can fit up to 50 people.

Everfresh beach Resort for sure needs more renovation to be able to cater to people more comfortably, but the nature that it offers brings calmness and relaxation already. Its blue clear water and white sand are comparable to Boracay’s! For additional entertainment, they also have karaoke rental for chill nights.

Tagdalid Falls & Danao Lake

After approximately 2 hours of trekking by car from Manay Town, you can find a waterfall tucked in a mountain rainforest creating a carpet of crystal-clear streams flowing through. It’ll be almost impossible to get there quickly if you’ll hike on foot, it might take you a day to reach the waterfall. Some people say that this is a mystical place warning people to be careful and keep their voices low when conversing. Who knows who else is there they might disturb? Moreover, even in the summers, this specific spot gets rainfalls almost every day, almost all year round. Additionally, the waterfall is approximately 100-130 meters tall and has two sources that produce a drop large enough to make drizzle on the surrounding area, keeping the area wet all the time. It’s better to wear suitable comfortable clothing like and footwear for this rainy and rocky place.

Make sure to wear seatbelts on as the ride going there is going to be rough, bumpy, and muddy. Huge adventure vehicles like 4×4 are applicable to use going here. You can see some IG-worthy stop-over spots on the way here such as Danao Lake and Kampo Kadini.

Danao Lake is one of the spots you’ll notice on the way to Tagdalid Falls. It is approximately 27 kilometers away from the town. A motorcycle ride or a short hike will get you to the lake in Barangay Rizal. Moreover, the lake is 3 hectares in size and is bordered by tropical mangroves and wild ferns. It is teeming with creatures such as freshwater eels, fish, and other species that serve as main source of locals’ nutrition. They use hand-made bamboo rafts and small boats to get themselves afloat on the lake.

Manay River

The Manay River is a stream that flows through Davao Oriental. Most of the locals go here to wash their clothes, or to just simply take a dip. It shows so much of the culture Filipinos had back then that is still up to this day. Manay River is located northwest of Manaol Point, near the Mahanob River. As of writing, the municipal government is using the rocks around the river to create border walls around it to protect the riverside settlers from floods during heavy rains and storms. Furthermore, there is no entrance fee required going here. Perfect for afternoon picnic and dips for refreshment.

Tagtalisay Beach

Tagtalisay Beach in Manay, Davao Oriental is one of the local’s favorite spots to take a dip or quick swimming and have a picnic. It is very accessible as it is found on the side of the road. It is easy to spot by the passerby making it a favorite stop-over for most. Although it is just a small beach on the side of the road, it is enough to camp a few tents and stay overnight. However, people will have to take extra precautions in doing so as it is not guarded and the high tide might go higher than usual on some days. The best way to enjoy this is to prepare some picnic umbrellas and rugs on cloudy afternoons. Moreover, might as well light up some fire to grill seafood and enjoy it with loved ones. There is no comfort room or changing room here so it’s best to bring a car. No entrance fee is needed as well.

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