Malabon Private Fish Market

Malabon Private Fish Market

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Called by residents as “consignacion,” this is actually a fish port and formally known as the Tañong Fish Market. It competes directly with the Navotas Fish Port which is government-owned while Malabon Fish Market is privately-owned. Here, the traditional, centuries-old way of trading fishes and other marine species, called the “Bulungan or whispers” is still being practiced today. This is one of the main sources of seafood that we see in different wet markets in the Metro and even some nearby provinces.

Aside from local markets that get their products here and sell in their own local places, there are some restaurants that also get supplies from here. More or less 107 fish brokers and fish dealers are here and starting capital is pretty big. Aside from fresh ones, there are also some frozen like salmon belly or heads, cream dory, pampano or pomfret, galunggong or hard-tail mackerel, tulingan, chabita or moonfish, hipon or shirmp.

The Fresh came directly from fishing boats are being unloaded and sold here, Palawan, Cavite, Mindoro, and so on. The system here is like constant trading, fishing boat owners are not strictly tide-up or exclusive to fish brokers/ dealers. Boat owners have the freedom where to give or distribute their freshly caught fish and alike and very commonly fish brokers/ dealers also get to purchase the items from Navotas Fish Port then sort them out and sell in Malabon Private Fish Port. That is why they were able to get more profit because they remove all the bad ones and sell the good ones.

How to Get to Malabon Private Fish Port?

via C-4 Road Navotas City

*Turn left from C-4 Road, Navotas opposite side of 7/11 Convenience Store

*Turn right onto M. Naval St to Estrella Street (Navotas Police Station on the left) (290 meters)

*Pass by RCBC NAVOTAS-EAST BRANCH & ATM (on the left) | Destination will be on the right (350 meters)

via C-4 Road Longos Malabon City

*turn right to Manapat Street (600 meters)

*Turn left after Security Bank (on the left) | Pass by BPI Malabon San Bartolome Branch (on the left) (180 meters)

*At Malabon City Hall, Rizal Ave Ext turns left and becomes Sevilla Blvd (78 meters)

*Turn right onto F. Sevilla Blvd (150 meters)Turn left onto Estrella St | Destination will be on the right (10 meters)

By far, coming here to Malabon Fish Port is quite convenient in terms of buying fresh, the price is also pretty low compared to other local markets in Metro Manila. I suggest visiting this place during night time from 10:00 PM, is the best because you can definitely catch fresh seafood.

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