Largest IKEA in the Philippines is now open – Pasay City, Manila

Largest IKEA in the Philippines is now open – Pasay City, Manila

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They kept their promises and commitment to the Filipino Shoppers that despite the all the crises and challenges that we have faced and still are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, IKEA Philippines is finally and officially open.

In order to shop, you must book an appointment. We were lucky because to snag an appointment ahead of time. Be sure to book ahead to avoid wasting time and gas.

You must remember, no appointment, no shopping.

IKEA Philippine is located at the Mall of Asia Complex, J.W. Diokno Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila. It is along Marina Way and Pacific Drive. You won’t get lost because of the HUGE IKEA signage that can be seen from every direction. The parking entrance is along Coral Way. Be sure to be there ahead of your appointment schedule because the parking lineup was pretty long.

At the entrance, you need to present your QR Code and or show the email confirmation of your reservation and they will stamp your arm. They have plenty of employees deployed all over the place to help and assist customers to find their way to the shop.

At the 2nd level, you will see the Swedish Cafe. Unfortunately, we were not lucky in finding a seat to try their food. But there is always next time. In any case, we were excited to explore and buy whatever items we could find!

IKEA is a great place to shop, especially if you are starting to build your home or reimage your home. From furniture to kitchenware to home decoration, IKEA is a one-stop-shop for all your home needs. You can even find toys for your kids!

It seems that the opening of IKEA was one of the most awaited openings for everyone. From what we saw online, their products are of good quality and very affordable.

There are booths throughout the store that will help you to place orders for your big items like couches and mattresses. You can have it delivered or picked up. There is a minimal delivery service fee that starts at P500 and you will receive your items in 3 days or so depends on your area.

At the check-out area, we found a long file of people with pushcarts and patiently waiting for their turn. But don’t get frustrated if you only have a few items on your shopping bag because you can proceed to yellow tag counters which are only for those with 10 items or less. These lines move very quickly.

Like other supermarkets or shopping centers, IKEA has a food counter. They called it the Swedish Bistro and can be found right after the check-out area.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer for safety and wear your facemask all the time to stay safe.

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