Kubo by Gillid’s – Manila’s Best boodle fight resto!


Kubo by Gillid’s is a famous boodle fight al fresco dining in Manila. In Filipino culture, sharing food with loved ones while using bare hands make the meal hundred more delicious and enjoyable! This traditional Filipino method of eating is famous as the “kamayan”. It also refers to a Filipino communal feast in which food is on banana leaves and eaten without utensils. Wondering how to do the kamayan style? First, form a small mound of rice, then add some of the accompanying dishes for flavor (the ulam), compress with the fingers into a small pyramid, lift to the mouth cradled in four cupped fingers, and finally push it into the mouth with the thumb. It never makes use of the palms, and its fingers never enter the mouth. The other hand will hold a plate or a drink instead. Don’t forget to wash and sanitize hands before anything else!

Moreover, Boodle fight is another term for kamayan in groups, in the context of the military practice of eating a communal meal. According to sources, the term “boodle” refers to contraband sweets such as cake, candy, and ice cream in the United States military. A “boodle fight” is a party where only boodle food is served. As time pass by, it has been given a different meaning that lives in the Philippines’ culture. Even up to this day, Filipinos are still practicing this traditional way of eating. If you’re looking for a place to experience this without the hassle of preparing food, try to dine in Kubo by Gillid’s in Sampaloc Manila.


Kubo by Gillid’s is a boodle-fight alfresco dining restaurant in Sampaloc. They have an expansive 2-story eatery in the corner of Blumentritt St. Sampaloc Manila. The location is very easy to find as it is strategically situated by the side of a crossing. Their regular boodle-fight menu starts at PHP 650.00 for 3-4 people, and they have a set worth PHP 990.00 for 6-8 people for larger groups. Moreover, people can enjoy grilled seafood and meat in the boodle bundles while enjoying the open-air ambiance. Aside from these, they also have burgers, fries, and milk tea for extra cravings. Most people dine here around 11 AM to 1 PM and 6 PM onwards. So if you like to visit when there are more seats, better avoid these times. Diners will also not wait long for the food to be served, as to our experience, we waited for approximately 10 mins.


The menu listed below are their boodle-bundle meals. They also have snacks and ala carte dishes. Furthermore, there are a lot of options to choose from side the main boodle-bundle.


Bagnet, Ensalada, Salted egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 2-3 people) – Php 380

Fiesta (Good for 4-6 people) – Php 580


Longganisa, Liempo, Bagnet, Bangus, Ensalada, Salted Egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 3-4 people) – Php 650

Fiesta (Good for 6-8 people) – Php 990


Bangus, Ensalada, Salted Egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 2-3 people) – Php 380

Fiesta (Good for 4-6 people) – Php 580


Chicken Inato, Bagnet, Bangus, Ensalada, Salted Egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 3-4 people) – Php 899

Fiesta (Good for 6-8 people) – Php 1,350


Liempo, Bangus, Ensalada, Salted Egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 2-3 people) – Php 499

Fiesta (Good for 4-6 people) – Php 749


Shrimp, Squid, Bagnet, Bangus, Ensalada, Salted Egg, Rice, Iced Tea

Regular (Good for 3-4 people) – Php 1,050

Fiesta (Good for 6-8 people) – Php 1,650

How to get there?

From Makati via Private Vehicle

  • Drive along Makati Ave and Antonio Arnaiz Ave
  • Take South Luzon Express way/Osmeña High-way/R-3 to Quirino Ave/C-2 in Paco, Manila
  • Turn right onto España Boulevard
  • Turn right onto Blumentritt Rd

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