Kapetolyo – Manila’s world-class destination for coffee-lovers

Kapetolyo – Manila’s world-class destination for coffee-lovers

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Few businesses have seen the kind of long-term success that coffee shops have. Coffee shops, which were once primarily seen as a stop-and-go location, are now an integral part of people’s lives. With many of us using them for both socializing and working. Some people use it as a place to get a caffeine fix on the way to their job. Others use it as a gathering place, a place to meet friends, or a place to do the work. The newly renovated Kartilya Park, provided Manilenos a clean, open space to relax safely amid pandemic. Kapetolyo by SGD officially opened its doors to guests on International Coffee Day. It is situated behind the Bonifacio Shrine and a stone’s throw away from Manila City Hall. Kapetolyo offers the finest Philippine coffees from participating smallholder coffee farmers. Try and come over if you’re looking for places to hang-out around the area.

The Kapetolyo

Manila successfully became a tourist-friendly city as a result of Mayor Isko Moreno’s efforts. Despite the pandemic, they were able to open new restaurants and places to visit in Manila last year. In honor of International Coffee Day, the local government of Manila held a soft opening of Kapetolyo. The event was intended to bring coffee farmers and enthusiasts together from all over the Philippines. These people include coffee shop owners, baristas, homebrewers, and coffee drinkers. However, it was postponed due to lockdown. Mayor Isko proposed the concept of Kapetolyo during the discussions. He believed that the coffee shop is going to be successful amid pandemic. The city government later on announced that they settled on the name “KapeTolyo”, short for kape (coffee) and kapitolyo (capital). Everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, could visit the coffee shop. You can still afford to have a nice time here without breaking the bank.

The collaboration of SGD

Coffee has evolved into more than just an indisputable staple over the centuries. It has grown to be a necessity in many social gatherings, causing people’s routines and customs to change. The evolution of the coffeehouse subculture is also one of the greatest examples of coffee’s impact. However, in the last decade, more people have discovered the complexities of Philippine coffee. Smallholder farmers and farming communities collaborated to produce quality coffee beans. SGD Coffee, for example, collaborates with farmers in Sagada. SGD is an abbreviation for Sagada, a secluded municipality in the Mountain Province. Rich and Margaret Watanabe, a couple whose obsession with coffee can border on perfectionism runs the company. Kapetolyo now serves some of the best homegrown coffee in the country. Including the well-known and well-received SGD Coffee from Sagada Mountain Province.

The Architecture

Kapetolyo’s interior has brick walls, wood accents, and black-and-white floors contrasting the dark frames of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Thanks to the City architect Ali Bahoy, Kapetolyo showcases a distinctive and inviting façade and interiors. In fact, this coffee shop is surrounded by greeneries outside. So you can choose whether to dine in or to chill outside the coffee shop. There are benches and tables outside for people who prefer to eat on an Alfresco dining. The aroma of the coffee will entice you to get inside, the same way it did to us. Moreover, the hanging light bulbs cleverly positioned around the spacious area added to the cafe’s romantic ambiance. Although it looks modern due to its contemporary and minimalist approach, It still gives warm vintage vibes. Indeed, the state-of-the-art rustic architectural design helps to invite a lot of customers. Very Instagrammable, right?

The Kartilya Park

The newly reconstructed Kartilya Park now offers a picturesque landscape adorned with greeneries. Pocket gardens are lined with centuries-old trees ornamented with lights encased in capiz lanterns. Which illuminate the area and give it a festive holiday glow once sun goes down. You also don’t have to worry about quick nature calls. Ayala Corp. is said to have funded the well-lit and air-conditioned his and hers restrooms. The restrooms, like the rest of the park, are free to enter. Additionally, there’s a dancing water fountain in front of the monument. The once-forgotten park, after being rehabilitated, now houses various must-visit spots including the Kapetolyo.

The Menu

The Kapetolyo provides a selection of local coffee as well as popular all-day breakfast dishes. Breakfast meals such as champorado, sandwiches, and pasta are also available. In fact, the prices of the goods they offer are just at on reasonable price. We also tried some of them and we could say that every penny was worth while! I’ve listed down below the highlights of their menu. There are still more besides what are listed. But these are the best sellers.


  • Espresso
  • Flat White
  • AVPA Award Winning Black Coffee
  • PH Single Origin
  • SGD Gold


  • 95.00
  • 170.00
  • 150.00
  • 120.00
  • 215.00


  • SGD Nachos
  • SGD Fries/Cheesticks


  • Php 350.00
  • Php 170.00

All-Day Breakfast

  • Inadobo sa Kape/Danggit Lamayo/Chicken Tocino
  • Champorado


  • Baked Ziti/Al Fungi/Etag Carbonara/Tinapasta
  • Fresh Pesto Massimo


  • The Breakfast Bagel/MNL Cheesesteak/Kapetolyo Special/Grilled Cheese Sandwich/Choriburger

Ala Carte

  • Php 395.00
  • Php 240.00

Ala Carte

  • Php 395.00
  • Php 300.00

Ala Carte

Php 345.00

Promo/Set with Drink

  • Php 425.00
  • Php 270.00

Promo/Set with Drink

  • Php 425.00
  • Php 330.00

Promo/Set with Drink

Php 375.00


  • Cordillera Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Ice Crema/Coco Langka Ice Cream/Coffee Ice Cream/Vanilla Ice Cream/SGD Affogato/Sagada Yoghurt


  • Php 185.00
  • Php 165.00

Pandemic Protocols

Indeed, people have grown tired of being stuck at home and are eager to venture out cautiously to workout, get some sun, and catch up with a few loved ones. However, we still have to put in effort not to catch sickness. In accordance with standard health protocols, Kapetolyo by SGD performs the following:

  • Mandatory temperature checks and data collection from customers via QR code or the old-fashioned logbook
  • Strict Social distancing
  • One seat apart for dine-in
  • Wearing masks for both customers and crew members unless when eating
  • The building is equipped with modern tools which include the UVC disinfection lamp and a walk through sanitizing mist machine
  • Daily filter disinfection of air-conditioning units and high-end ventilation system

Additonal Details

Kapetolyo by SGD:

  • 0915 241 4285 // sgdkapetolyo@gmail.com
  • Cecilia Muñoz Drive cor. Antonio Villegas St, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines
  • Monday 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday – 8 AM – 9 PM

SGD Coffee:

  • 0917 826 9537 // http://www.coffeesciencecenter.com/
  • 45 Maalalahanin St., Teachers Village East, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
  • Monday – Friday 8 AM – 11 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday 7 AM – 11 PM

How to get there

Via LRT1

  • First, Take a ride from LRT1 bound to UN Ave or Lawton, Then, take 5-10 mins walk towards Kapetolyo

Via Taxi/GrabCar

  • Ride a taxi or book a GrabCar from any point of Metro Manila or Nearby Cities. However, this will cost more money considering the heavy traffic and distance.
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