Kainan ni Lakay – The Famous Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy in Manila

Kainan ni Lakay – The Famous Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy in Manila

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Kainan ni Lakay is one of the culinary treasures of Paco, Manila. What started as a modest halo-halo vendor became a beloved eatery that has withstood the test of time. They’ve been serving for generations with warmth and flavors that resonate with Filipino tastebuds. The eatery traces its roots back to a time when the owner’s children were still in elementary school. Fast forward to today, and those children have not only completed their education but have also witnessed the transformation of their family’s humble business into a local culinary landmark. The dining space at Kainan ni Lakay exudes a cozy and communal atmosphere. It is a typical Filipino carinderia per se but with more space for diners. With the capacity to accommodate approximately 30 people, the alfresco setting under a shed provides a perfect backdrop for savoring authentic Filipino dishes with friends and family.

The spotlight at Kainan ni Lakay shines on its signature dish, the “Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy.” Priced at Php 200 per order, this dish offers a substantial serving of boiled pig’s head. However, it is a bit on the higher side for a local eatery but justifiable for its tender, effortlessly separable meat and generous serving. Best for sharing, it comfortably serves 2 to 3 people, perfect for a small group of diners. Kainan ni Lakay has established itself as a hub for Sinigang lovers. Furthermore, the eatery typically sells around 50 pieces of pork head daily. This translates to an average of 100-140 Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy orders, making it a sought-after delight among patrons. However, despite the huge amount of availability, the Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy usually lasts only until around 12 NN daily. It’s just to show how famous and delicious their signature dish is.

Filipino Favorites

In addition to the well-known Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy, Kainan ni Lakay boasts another culinary standout—the “Gigantic Sinigang na Panga ng Isda.” This dish features Maya-maya or Snapper Fish, providing a distinctive twist to the traditional sour soup, Sinigang. Priced at Php 140 per order, it exemplifies the eatery’s passion for offering diverse yet Filipino authentic flavors. The dish combines tender fish, fresh vegetables, and the familiar tang of Sinigang broth. Making it a recommended choice for those seeking a genuine taste of Filipino dishes. Kainan ni Lakay continues to solidify its reputation as a go-to destination for a flavorful journey through Filipino cuisine. Beyond these signature dishes, Kainan ni Lakay offers a diverse menu that showcases Pinoy Favorites. From the crispy delight of Lechon Kawali to the smoky goodness of grilled Liempo and the sizzling perfection of Sisig, the eatery has a lot more to share.

In the face of the pandemic, Kainan ni Lakay didn’t just weather the storm; it actively contributed to the community. The eatery played a vital role by preparing and distributing meals to those in need, exemplifying the spirit of bayanihan that is deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. The eatery is open daily from 8 AM to 10 PM, offering a wide window for patrons to indulge in the culinary delights it has to offer. However, with the eatery becoming a local hotspot, it’s advisable to arrive early. Ideally, you should dine or order around 10 AM – 11 AM. Especially if you have your sights set on their famous Nilagang Ulo ng Baboy and Sinigang na Panga, which tend to run out by lunchtime. Now, they transferred to a nearby better location on Paz Street in front of the Police Station. Near Paco Catholic Church beside Ever Supermarket.


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How to get there?

Via LRT 1

  • Board the LRT Line 1 and travel to the station nearest to Paz Street in Paco, Manila. Alight at Central Station, which is relatively close to the Paco area.
  • Once you arrive at Central Station, exit the LRT station and proceed to the street level.
  • Take a brisk 3-5 minute walk to SM Manila. This landmark will serve as your starting point for the next leg of your journey.
  • From SM Manila, you can easily find tricycles available for hire. Board a tricycle and inform the driver that you are headed to Paz Street or the Police Station in Paco. The knowledgeable local drivers will guide you to Kainan ni Lakay’s new location.

Via LRT 2

  • If you’re coming from areas served by LRT Line 2, alight at Recto Station, a major interchange station that connects LRT Line 2 with LRT Line 1.
  • After exiting the LRT Line 2 train at Recto Station, follow the signs or inquire with station personnel for directions to LRT Line 1.
  • Board the LRT Line 1 at Recto Station and alight at the station nearest to Paz Street in Paco, Manila. Follow the same steps as outlined above: exit the station, walk to SM Manila, and ride a tricycle to reach Kainan ni Lakay’s new location on Paz Street, in front of the Police Station.
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