Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan – P85 ($1.50) Healthy Breakfast Buffet

Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan – P85 ($1.50) Healthy Breakfast Buffet

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Situated right on the bustling Shaw Boulevard in the heart of Mandaluyong, Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan has steadily gained a strong local following since its establishment in October 2015. Originally conceived as a humble carinderia, this unassuming eatery has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. Today, it offers a hearty selection of Filipino comfort foods. The talk of the town is its recently introduced and trending healthy breakfast buffet, which started in April 2023. The journey of Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan began with a straightforward dream. The owner, Mr. Rizalino back then envisioned a simple traditional street carinderia with just a few seats. Little did he anticipate the dedication and prayers that would lead to its expansion. Now with the capacity to accommodate up to 30 patrons at a time. He then intentionally chose the buffet price of Php 85 with a special meaning.

It’s not just a random figure; it reflects his personal wish for a long and fulfilling life. He fervently prayed for the chance to reach the age of 85 and decided to make this number the buffet price as a way to express his aspiration. From Monday to Sunday between 8 AM and 10 AM, customers treat themselves to a satisfying breakfast buffet in Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan. Only at an incredibly affordable cost of Php 85 per person! This morning feast includes a variety of tasty dishes. Ranging from flavorful fried rice and the much-loved longganisa to expertly prepared fried tilapia and other delicious fried fish. If you prefer a healthier option, there’s also a refreshing vegetable salad available as part of the spread. The breakfast buffet at Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan has become a morning tradition for many. Drawing long lines of patient customers every day.

P85 Breakfast Buffet and P58 Sulit Meal

Beyond breakfast, Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan operates 24/7, ready to satisfy the customers’ cravings at any hour. Besides the breakfast buffet, they offer an extensive menu of Filipino comfort foods. Including their best-selling bulalo and tapa, as well as adobo, sinigang, and more. They also have the traditional creamy halo-halo, a perfect dessert after meals. For those who prefer cheaper meals, Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan also caters to a tight budget with affordable ala carte options. Their P58 meal deal includes a serving of rice, a choice of ulam (main dish), and a helping of vegetables. Ensuring that even a tight budget can lead to a satisfying and hearty meal. In addition to their tempting breakfast offerings and hearty Filipino dishes, they also offer a selection of kakanin (traditional Filipino rice cakes). These delicious treats provide a sweet ending to your meal or a savory snack to take home.

In recent days, the eatery has found itself in the spotlight as a vlogger’s review stirred some controversy. The review pointed out that, on a particular visit, they didn’t find longganisa on the buffet. A disappointment to the latter as it was what she was waiting for. This critique, while it raised questions, also had a silver lining for the eatery. It brought them increased attention among a wider audience of food enthusiasts. The issue was later settled as the vlogger gave a public apology, while the restaurant makes sure they always have their longganisa stock full. Furthermore, those who prefer the convenience of home dining, they also have ala carte dishes available for Food Panda and Grab deliveries. Situated as a humble street home carinderia, dedicated parking facilities are limited. There is a car wash nearby that allows pay parking, just a 5-minute walk away from the eatery.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation:

  • If you’re coming from Makati or Manila areas, you can take the MRT-3 (Metro Rail Transit) to Boni Station. From there, you can take a short walk or ride a tricycle to reach Shaw Boulevard.
  • If you’re in the Quezon City area, you can take a bus or jeepney that plies the EDSA route and get off at the Boni MRT Station. From there, walk or take a tricycle to Shaw Boulevard.
  • Or, from Boni MRT Station, you can proceed to Shaw Boulevard. It’s a short walk, but if you prefer, you can also ride a tricycle or take a short taxi ride to reach 301 Shaw Blvd.

Via Private Vehicle:

  • Ensure you have a GPS device or navigation app on your smartphone. Set your destination to 301 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong, or use the coordinates for accuracy.
  • If you’re coming from Makati or Manila areas, you can take EDSA and head north. Turn right onto Shaw Boulevard. Continue straight until you reach the address at 301 Shaw Blvd.
  • If you’re in the Quezon City area, you can take EDSA and head south. Turn left onto Shaw Boulevard. Continue straight until you reach the address at 301 Shaw Blvd.
  • Please note that Emriz Bulalohan at Tapsihan does not have its own parking area. Plan to find parking nearby. There might be public parking spaces along Shaw Boulevard or nearby streets.
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