Eastwood City; One of Metro Manila’s Business Districts

Eastwood City; One of Metro Manila’s Business Districts

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Eastwood City has played a pivotal role in the economic and social development of Quezon City and Metro Manila. It has become a significant destination and a model for urban planning. Combining the conveniences of modern life with a vibrant community spirit. As one of the pioneering mixed-use developments in the Philippines, Eastwood City continues to set the standard for urban living, promising an exciting and fulfilling experience for all who call it home. Furthermore, its bustling business district and information technology serve as the Philippines’ prime business and outsourcing hub. Hosting multinational corporations and BPO firms. Established by the renowned Megaworld Corporation in the early 2000s, this dynamic township has grown into a thriving mixed-use development that encapsulates the essence of life, work, and play. The Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall also adds a modern touch to the business scene. Offering a unique blend of work and leisure.

The Eastwood Mall, a prominent shopping center, is replete with retail shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Whether you’re a shopaholic or a food enthusiast, this place has something to delight everyone’s senses. Eastwood City also benefits from its central location. The idea was to create a self-contained community that would offer residents and professionals everything they need in one place. Thereby enhancing convenience and quality of life. Furthermore, it boasts a diverse range of residential options, making it a place where various lifestyles and budgets can find a home. The community features well-designed condominiums and apartments, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of this urban wonderland. For those who seek active recreation, Eastwood City also provides numerous options. The central park is a serene oasis for relaxation, while the bowling alley, fitness center, and cinema ensure that you’re never short of entertainment options.

Lifestyle Amenities and Accessibility

The complex frequently hosts events, from concerts to outdoor markets, adding a dash of culture and entertainment to your life. They also offer amenities like high-speed internet connectivity, well-maintained streets, and robust security services. You can experience the convenience of modern living at its finest. Furthermore, its central location and accessibility via major thoroughfares make Eastwood City an ideal destination for residents and visitors alike. Public transportation options abound such as Jeepneys, UVs, and busses, ensuring a hassle-free commute for all. There are also two LRT 2 stations (Cubao and Santolan) that are approximately 2 kilometers away from Eastwood City. Moreover, it is directly accessible from C5 Road, a major urban artery in Metro Manila, which provides convenient access to various parts of the city and nearby areas. Here are the attractions within Eastwood City and nearby attractions along with their approximate distances:

Within Eastwood City

  • Eastwood Mall: A bustling shopping center with various retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.
  • Central Park: A serene oasis within the township for relaxation and outdoor activities.
  • Bowling Alley: Ideal for a fun day or night out with friends or family.
  • Fitness Centers: Equipped with modern facilities for health and wellness.
  • Eastwood Cinema: A great place to catch the latest films on the big screen.
  • Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall: A hub for tech and fashion, including dining options.
  • Bars and Restaurants: Eastwood City boasts a lot of diners, bars, and restaurants for a fun night out with loved ones.

Nearby Eastwood City

  • Araneta Center: Located approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) southwest of Eastwood City. It’s a major shopping and entertainment complex, featuring the Smart Araneta Coliseum and Gateway Mall.
  • Art in Island Museum: About 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away. This interactive 3D art museum offers unique and creative photo opportunities.
  • La Mesa Eco Park: Situated around 8 kilometers (5 miles) to the northwest. It’s a vast park with a wide range of outdoor activities and lush greenery.
  • Quezon Memorial Circle: Approximately 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) to the southwest. It’s a historical park featuring the Quezon Memorial Shrine and gardens.
  • University of the Philippines Diliman: Roughly 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) to the west. It’s a prominent educational institution with a sprawling campus and attractions like the UP Oblation and the UP Sunken Garden.
  • Marikina River Park: Located about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) to the east. It’s a scenic park alongside the Marikina River, ideal for leisurely walks and picnics.
  • Antipolo City: Situated approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) east of Eastwood City. It offers attractions like the Antipolo Cathedral and Hinulugang Taktak Falls.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportations

Using LRT and Public Buses

  • Determine your starting location and make your way to the nearest LRT station. The two most common starting stations are LRT-2 Cubao Station and LRT-2 Santolan Station, depending on your location.
  • Purchase a ticket for your journey and board the LRT-2 train heading to the direction of Santolan (if you’re starting at Cubao Station) or Recto (if you’re starting at Santolan Station).
  • Stay on the train until you reach the Katipunan Station. This station is the closest to Eastwood City. After exiting Katipunan Station, you’ll find various public buses and jeepneys that can take you to Eastwood City. Look for buses with routes that pass by Eastwood. Buses often have signs indicating their destinations.
  • If from LRT 1, Ride the LRT-1 to EDSA Station. It’s located along EDSA, which is a major road in Metro Manila. Heading to the northbound direction. Upon exiting EDSA Station, you’ll be near the EDSA-Taft bus terminal, which is a major transportation hub.
  • Look for public buses or jeepneys with routes that go to Eastwood City or Quezon City. You can ask the bus conductor or fellow passengers to confirm that you’re on the right route. Buses traveling along EDSA usually pass through Quezon City.

Using Ride-Sharing Services

  • Use a ride-sharing app such as GrabCar, Joyride, or Angkas to book a ride from your current location to Eastwood City. Enter “Eastwood City” as your destination.
  • The driver will navigate to Eastwood City using GPS directions. It’s a straightforward and convenient option, especially if you prefer a direct and personalized transportation experience.

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