D’Mall – The go-to shopping avenue in the Boracay Island

D’Mall – The go-to shopping avenue in the Boracay Island

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Boracay Island, one of the best beaches in the Philippines, has a large stretch of powdery white sand beach. This party island has evolved into a more relaxing getaway destination suitable for everyone – from couples to families. It received numerous notable awards during the 1920s, attracting people from all over the world. In addition, in 2014, the resort island was ranked first on an international magazine’s list of the “Best Islands in the World”. Since the Island’s rehabilitation in 2018, a lot of tourists and locals are visiting the island again. As of writing, the Covid alert level is at 1. Less strict policies and traveling with some restrictions are allowed. Many are going to the Boracay once again to get some retreat after the stressful months. One of places to stop by here is the D’mall – an open-space go to mall in the island.

D’mall Boracay

D’Mall Boracay is the island’s premier shopping and dining destination. They are home to some of the best restaurants on the island. It holds its charm with market stalls where local vendors bargain artisanal handicrafts with visitors. This vast mall sells souvenirs such as key chains, photos, and t-shirts. This is a place you can stop by after strolling along the long stretch of white sand and admiring the magnificent sunset. Moreover, there are numerous restaurants to choose from here if you get hungry for something different. It is situated between Stations 1 and 2 on White Beach. Ideal for catching up with old friends and a handy reference when meeting tour guides. In fact, you can book a variety of activities here, and many resort shuttles pick up guests from this location as well. However, It can get a crowded at night, but that’s part of a fun experience.

Why is D’mall relevant when going to Boracay?

Going to visit D’Mall is one of the must-do activities in Boracay for tourists. It is a must-have resource for first-time visitors who are still learning their way around the island. The mall’s most distinguishing feature is that it is an open-air mall, giving it the appearance and feel of a street shopping area. Travel agencies, ATMs, money changers, and grocery stores can be found here. Furthermore, if you want to cook during your stay, you can purchase fresh produce from D’mall. It is a great strategy on saving up more expenses from buying foods in the restaurant. Have I mentioned that you can haggle here? And if you’re craving for homey dishes that you and your loved ones want to create, buy ingredients here. Moreover, because of its central spot on White Beach, it is a suitable go-to point for experiencing the island’s modern, commercial vibe and strolling.

Tips and Guidelines in D’mall Boracay

  • Be attentive of your belongings
  • Use sunscreen/sunblock for skin protection. D’mall is an open space and has no ceilings
  • If you need cash, you can withdraw money from the ATMs or money changing shops here
  • Haggling is a good idea but be reasonable
  • You can find “paluto” restaurants here where you can buy fresh seafood ingredients and have them cook it for you. You just have to tell them what kind of dish you like. Most of them will charge service fee
  • There are numerous souvenir shops in the area. It’s a good place to get a good deal because there are so many vendors to choose from
  • If it’s your first time in Boracay or if you’re not yet familiar in the places, D’mall is a great place to use as meeting point
  • There are people offering tour packages in D’mall. So if you don’t have an itinerary yet, you may check-out what they has to offer
  • Be careful of the rip-off products and tour packages. Some people take advantage of tourists offering pricey services/goods
  • Research before buying. Compare products, stores, quality, and prices

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