Dapitan Arcade – favorite furniture market in Quezon City

Dapitan Arcade – favorite furniture market in Quezon City

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Indeed, Filipinos are known to be very decorative. Almost every Filipino residence has wooden furniture, rattan ornaments, and an abundance of indoor plants. Even modern Filipino households have a touch of wood design interior for a warm vibe that goes along with the culture. Especially now that the pandemic happened, a lot of us became more introspective and sensitive to our surroundings. It has also motivated us to seek other forms of entertainment and healing within their homes. Giving rise to an entire era of home cooks and interior designers. Many of them have turned their pastime into profitable businesses. One of the favorite places Filipinos love to go to for their DIY interior projects is the Dapitan Arcade. Furthermore, it is a flea market where they sell cut-priced furniture, home decors, kitchen wares, and even the most affordable Christmas decors people are looking for.

The Filipino homes and culture

The Philippines is a small tropical country with a very huge population. These are mainly the reasons why most abodes have small spaces made of wood and concrete. Moreover, Filipino homes express more about the spirit of cultural, climatic, or traditional sensibilities that the locals are identified with. They make the most of small spaces, so minimalist interiors are popular in the country. However, some are incorporating this style with tropical elements to match the climate in the Philippines. Rattan furniture is a signature piece in many households, and it is often complemented by natural plants and bamboo materials. Additionally, leaf and floral motifs can be found on the walls and accent pieces such as rugs and placemats. Hence, classic Filipino interior design is recognized by the use of natural, local resources and sentimental home pieces. Indeed, the local touch is what distinguishes this style and makes it so significant.

The Dapitan Arcade

The Dapitan Arcade is a clean flea market situated in Quezon City. Dapitan was derived from the Cebuano term dapit, which means “to invite”. They have been operating since 2013 and people never stopped flocking to the area. In fact, they’ve been providing export-quality cheap-dirt priced merchandise ranging from kitchen to holiday home decors. If you’re planning to buy some stuff for your new house or condo, or even a room, you should check out this place first. Especially now that the Home Buddies Facebook group has set inspirational standards for a simple but stunning abode. They also have vintage finds if you’re looking for a little retro-industrial ambiance at home. In fact, manufacturers sell the vast majority of their factory excess, export overruns, or surplus here. Therefore, it is also known as bagsakan. Here are some of the things you’ll find and and you’ll expect to experience.

Kitchen Wares

  • Bowls
  • Cups and Saucers
  • Glass
  • Plates
  • Coasters
  • Sets
  • Utensils
  • Wooden chopping boards
  • Table Runner
  • Many More

Home Furniture

  • Storage/organizer
  • Lamp
  • Calendar
  • Candle Holder
  • Figurine
  • Home Ornaments
  • Wall Hook Rack
  • Wooden/Vintage Signages
  • Vintage Collections/Trinkets
  • Many More

Plantito/Plantita Stuff

  • Pots
  • Plants
  • Basket Planters
  • Vase
  • Many More

Christmas Decors

  • Lights
  • Balls
  • Figurines
  • Garlands
  • Table Runner
  • Ornaments
  • Christmas Village
  • Christmas Tree
  • Lanters
  • Nativity Set/Belen Set
  • Nut Cracker
  • Santa Claus
  • Many More

Stalls in Dapitan Arcade

For decades, the tiangge neaby Kanlaon Street has been the go-to place for those looking to decorate their homes on a budget. Indeed, just imagining going to Dapitan Aracade is exciting. However, before visiting the well-known shopping destination, please remember that shopping in Dapitan Arcade has a wide selection of bargains. The entire area is swarming with stalls selling everything furniture-related. Best to prepare a shopping list and know the places of the store. Furthermore, here’s the note of stalls you can find in the flea market:

You can find anything related to catering in here. Tables and Chairs, Stainless Kitchen Wares, Table Tops and a lot more can be found here

Stalls C-4 & 73

Vintage stuff and storage boxes are found here. This is best for the industrial and retro-themed interior. Also, they have Faux alligator leather jewelry cases and faux leather watch cases available

Stalls 3 & 4

Decorative Vases and Jars, and oriental home decors are being sold here

Stalls 5-7 & 20-21

Ready-made and customized furnitures are found here. Such as bookshelves, bed frames, and many more

Stall 7 & 8

Budget friendly modern wall and contemporary metalware decorations are found at these stalls. However, the vendors sell christmas decors and ornaments in this area during the holiday season

Stall 10

All ceramic and porcelain items are available. Also, Moroccan and Zen inspired decors are found here

Stall 11

Metal home and business furniture and decor are found here

Stall 16 & 49

Vendors sell wooden signages best for home decor and cafe businesses. Also, miniature Christmas figurines are also available specifically Santa Claus figurines

Stall 32

They also sell rare finds here such as music boxes, and painted figurines

Stall 34

Home and office necessities are found here. Even health needs such as diffusers and essential oils

Stall 35 & 76

Luxury vibe Lamps and Lanterns for affordable prices are being sold here

Stall 56

Decorative pots, and wooden crates in different sizes are available here. Additionally, you can buy these in retail and bulk.

Tips and Guides on Dapitan Arcade Shopping

Of course, we know that you couldn’t wait to visit and have you own Dapitan Arcade haul. However, you must be well equipped and ready before going or you’ll be overwhelmed. Spontaneous visit is nice but who would want to miss an item or two going home from Dapitan? You must maximize the experience and for a fully satisfying home furniture shopping. Moreover, we’ve created a helpful list of tips and guides on you coming Dapitan Arcade shopping.

  • Prepare your pen before going and wear a facemask. There is a registration at the entrance
  • Maintain social distancing of course
  • Bring your shopping bags for an eco-friendly haul
  • Prepare cash, most of the vendors don’t accept credit/debit card payment
  • Earlier the better. People often come after lunch and it could get overcrowded
  • Haggle reasonably. Of course, we all want discounted bargains. However, make sure that the price you are negotiating profits the vendors as well
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables
  • Bring an umbrella, towel, and shades. The Philippines is a tropical country
  • Compare item to other nearby vendors. Canvass and check the quality all the time
  • Before paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and has no cracks or dents
  • There are designated parking spaces so it’s best to come early if you don’t want to miss a slot
  • Additionally, If you have no time, you can shop online at their website

How to get there?

Via Jeepney

  • First, ride a jeepney bound for “Quiapo” to welcome Rotonda exit. Then, walk towards Burger King, where a jeepney terminal with a signage “Del Monte Mayon Dapitan Welcome Rotonda” is located on the corner. Finally, request that the driver drop you off in Dapitan. It’s nearby, so keep an eye out.
  • First, ride a jeepney along Avenida with the signage “Munoz Blumentritt Retiro.” Then, request that the driver drop you off at Mayon Street. Then, wait for a jeepney with the “Mayon Del Monte Welcome Rotonda” signage. Finally, ride one of these jeepneys and request that the driver drop you off at Dapitan Arcade.
  • First, ride the “Dapitan” jeepney from Libertad Street, Pedro Gil, Taft Avenue, and anywhere nearby Taft Avenue up to Quezon Boulevard in Quiapo. Finally, request that the driver drop you off at Dapitan Arcade.
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