Dangwa 2022 – Manila Flower Market

Dangwa 2022 – Manila Flower Market

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Flowers have become a metaphor for articulation. Such as lovers making their loved ones feel special, expressions of love, hope, and deepest sympathy, or personal greetings such as congratulations. Their captivating charm has long been a source of fascination for people of all ages worldwide. Their enticing aroma and kaleidoscope of colors make them a favorite of those who appreciate their aesthetic qualities. The Philippines is one of the world’s 18 mega-biodiverse countries. Moreover, our country has over 10,000 vascular plant varieties that can be found in gardens, shops, forests, and open fields. Many of you may not have had the opportunity to visit Metro Manila’s flower center – Dangwa. Dangwa Flower Market, or the Bulaklakan ng Maynila (Flower Market of Manila), is a fresh flower market in Sampaloc’s neighborhood. Flowers of all kinds are brought here from Baguio, Cebu, and Laguna, and displayed in over a hundred stalls.

DANGWA – Manila’s Flower Center

Dangwa Flower Market is made up of several small individually owned stalls and street vendors distributing flowers wholesale and retail at prices that are 50 to 90 percent lower than Metro Manila’s flower shops. Moreover, it homes to more than 50 flower vendors as of writing. The Dangwa Flower Market Association represents the majority of vendors, but not all. The presence of Dangwa Tranco, a bus company from Benguet, increased the area’s popularity as a flower market. Furthermore, it is where the majority of cut flowers are produced, delivering fresh blooms and making the surrounding area the first place where the fresh flowers are unloaded. Peak seasons for the flower market include graduation days, Holy Week, Valentine’s Day, All Saints Day, Mother’s Day, and December. On Valentine’s Day, customers may crowd the market until 11 PM.

Tips when shopping in Dangwa

  • Bring extra bags
  • Haggle reasonably
  • The best time to come is around 8 AM in the morning when the blooms are still fresh and less crowded
  • Compare prices and quality before deciding which ones to buy
  • Learn to ask if looking for a certain type of plant or flower
  • Be mindful of personal belongings
  • They sell bundles for a low price, more practical if you need bulk
  • Double-check the petals if there are withered parts
  • Bring an umbrella just in case it rains or very sunny
  • Buy a week or two earlier prior to the peak days to get cheaper and fresher blooms

Ho to get there?

Via MRT (1st Option)

  • Take the MRT bound to Quezon Avenue station.
  • Walk to Quezon Avenue.
  • Along Quezon Avenue, ride an FX/jeep to Quiapo, and get off at Quiapo.
  • At Quiapo, ride a jeep going to Dapitan-UST or Blumentritt-Dimasalang, and get off at Dangwa.

Via MRT (2nd Option)

  • Take the MRT bound to EDSA-Taft station, walk through the connecting bridge, and take the LRT1 going to Vito Cruz station.
  • Ride the PVP Liner to Taft, and get off along Taft.
  • From Buendia, take the jeep to Taft, and get off at Buendia-Taft. Take the jeep to Divisoria, then get off anywhere between Vito Cruz and Manila City Hall.
  • Ride a jeep to Dapitan-UST or Blumentritt-Dimasalang, and get off at Dangwa.
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