Bulungan Seafood Market – Parañaque Fish Port

Bulungan Seafood Market – Parañaque Fish Port

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Because of its geographic location, the Philippines has always had an abundance of fish resources. Located in the heart of the coral triangle, which is known for its marine biodiversity and abundant seafood production. As a result, the majority of the Filipino population lives along it in order to take advantage of these resources for both nutrition and livelihood. At first, wandering through a Filipino public market may appear overwhelming. But as you take it all in, you’ll quickly realize how important each concept is. Different public markets focus on various types of products. Fresh produce, meat, fish, spices, and a wide range of specialty and prepared foods are also available. Unfortunately, the majority of public markets in the Philippines are in disarray. Although the country’s public markets are getting criticism for being filthy, some are changing this stereotype. One of these is the Bulungan Market in Parañaque City.

Bulungan Seafood Market

On Tuesday, August 16, the Parañaque City Government formally launched its new fisherman’s port and famous Parañaque River promenade. It is a new tourist attraction in the city found in Barangay La Huerta. The three-story structure, also known as Bulungan sa Parañaque, includes a fresh seafood market, office space, and a large multipurpose area ideal for special occasions and gatherings. Fishermen from neighboring provinces like Cavite and Batangas frequently bring their catch to Bulungan Seafood Market. The price of the fish is secretly fixed prior to competitive bidding among purchasers from all over Luzon for fish in a procedure known as “bulungan” or so to say, “whispering”. Brokers will only accept whispered bids from buyers. The key is to keep the final cost secret. Moreover, buyers would passively whisper their bids to brokers in an attempt to outbid competitors at the lowest price. Bidders also do hazy hand gestures.

Despite these negotiations, the noise, and slippery pavements, everything displayed is fresh, and early birds to this market acquire the benefit of getting the best of the catch, whether purchased wholesale or retail. After midnight, the chaos begins to subside. Pick-up vehicles form a smoky line as they exit the complex, preparing long drives to bring seafood to the most remote parts of Luzon. As commercial boats and vehicles unload their catches, massive trucks wait on the other side to distribute fish to cities throughout the region. Meanwhile, tourists can visit the Las Piñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and ecotourism area, which is only a stone’s throw away from the new infrastructure. It is a protected area along the coasts of Las Piñas and Parañaque.

Tips and Guidelines

Bulungan Seafood Market indeed has the most affordable products to buy. Want to have a hassle-free shopping experience here? Check out our tips and guides below:

  • They are open from 4 AM – 9 PM daily
  • There is a parking area behind the building. As of writing, you have to pay Php 20.00. However, only limited parking slots inside, suggest bringing a motorcycle.
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables.
  • Better to arrive early to get the freshest products. You wouldn’t want to shop with a lot of shopping competitors.
  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Refrain from wearing anything fancy.
  • Wear boots of anything water-resistant. The pavement inside is always wet and soaked. You can see puddles in some areas.
  • Prior to paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and in the right weight.
  • Haggling/Bidding is good but be reasonable.
  • Compare prices and also the quality of the same products in different sellers.
  • Bring extra bags for your goods such as big plastic/eco bags for wet goods.
  • Prepare cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in this public market.

Landmarks and Attractions nearby Bulungan Market

  • Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange
  • Phase 1 Ruins
  • Bantayog ng Kagitingan – Parañaque Veterans Memorial Monument
  • Church of Quiapo Historical Marker
  • Church of Binondo Historical Marker
  • Church of Sampaloc Historical Marker
  • Church of San Vicente de Paul Historical Marker
  • Church of Malate Historical Marker
  • Church of San Bartolome Historical Marker
  • Church of San Juan Del Monte Historical Marker
  • Taguig Church Historical Marker
  • Church of Tondo Historical Marker
  • Church of San Francisco Del Monte Historical Marker
  • The Cathedral of St Andrew Marker
  • Church of San Bartolome Historical Marker
  • Church of San Bartolome Historical Marker
  • Simbahan ng Kawit Historical Marker
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