Bar Hopping in Poblacion, Makati’s Red Light District

Bar Hopping in Poblacion, Makati’s Red Light District

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Aside from feasting on the best of Filipino cuisine, drinking sessions are an essential part of any celebration in the Philippines. Filipinos can’t seem to get together without having drinks on the table. Whether it’s a birthday or graduation party, a big town fiesta, or the smallest of gatherings. The food service industry in the Philippines is booming, and everyone wants a piece of it. Moreover, food service industry includes all forms of food retail. Such as fast-food restaurants, cafes, bars, and full-service restaurants are all included. It’s indeed no surprise that everyone wants to open a restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an established businessman looking for a side hustle. If you’re looking for a place to go to for inuman and eat-out session, this article is for you! Furthermore, here are top 3 Bars in Poblacion Makati you can go to.

Poblacion, Makati – The Metro Manila’s Red-Light District

Poblacion, a dining and cultural hotspot and arguably one of Metro Manila’s liveliest neighborhoods. The carefully crafted drinks and traditional food are mainly the reason why people go to the Bars in Poblacion Makati. There are also strip clubs, karaoke bars, and massage parlors that populate the street are frequently masquerading as brothels. However, don’t get surprised if there are locals asking you if you want to have a company for the night. Poblacion indeed has a reputation for being unfriendly to families. Furthermore, it has recently progressed into a haven for Filipinos and Foreigners as a place to celebrate and drink.

Filling Station Bar and Cafe

Filling Station Bar and cafe is one of the famous bars in Poblacion, Makati. It may appear as a gas station, but it refers to 1950s-style diners. The restaurant was founded by an ex-US navy chief cook who decided not to return to the US after his base contract was not renewed. Moreover, He resolved to open a diner similar to those found in the United States in the 1950s. Hence collectibles from the era. Such as old bottle collections, 1950s-style working telephones, television sets, and cars. The restaurant serves standard western fare in massive portions. The amount of detail put into this diner was indeed extravagant and aesthetically pleasing. We ordered foods worth less than Php 1,800. We couldn’t believe that we even got to take home some despite being 4 people! Don’t get me wrong, delicious is an understatement! But the servings are just really A LOT.

  • Opens daily from 8 AM to 4 AM
  • 5012 P. Burgos Street, Brgy Poblacion, 1210 Makati City
  • 8899-5555 | 8541-8771 | 0917-833-7837

Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar

Agimat at Ugat Foraging Bar and Kitchen is also a well-known bar in Poblacion, Makati. It is well-known for its support of local ingredients and farmers. As well as its enthusiastic collaboration with local food entrepreneurs. Filipino folklore-inspired both the name and the concept. The enigmatic amulet is known for fending off evil, or the mythical charm that creates attraction towards the bearer instantly. Moreover, they perform local rituals and serve their own classic drinks and food in a bar. 70% of their ingredients are from the Philippines. Hence a spellbinding cuisine that celebrates everything indigenously Filipino. We tried their interactive cocktails where they show some-kind if a ritual. They start off with people chanting and hitting a gong. Until they lit up the cocktail into flames whil mixing. It was VERY thrilling to watch! Menu may be expensive but they pay for quality and taste.

  • 5 PM – 2 AM Tues- Sun | Happy hour 5 PM – 8 PM – 2 for 1 Cocktails
  • 5972 Alfonso cor. Fermina Street, Poblacion 1210 Makati, Philippines
  • 09952943231

Bourbon New Orleans PH

Bourbon New Orleans is one of the bars in Poblacion Makati that stands out. Just like the Filling Station, it has the 50’s United States Bar Vibe. They offer classic cocktails like those we tried Daiquiri, Hurricane, and Mint Julep. At first, the place can be very overwhelming. Most of the customers here ae foreigners with Filipina companions that they mostly met in the streets of Poblacion. However, don’t be so surprised. A consistent self-reminder that you’re in a red-light district will make you feel less indifferent. This Bar has a billiard space where you can play while drinking. They also have a smoking area when you need a puff or so. You can request a song as well in the live bands that perform at night. Bourbon indeed add up to the lively and vibrant vibe the city provides. Needless to say that one of the reasons people flock the bar is because of the affordable menu!

Tips and Guidelines on Visiting Poblacion

  • Most of the bars here open in the afternoon so you have to check their site of Facebook page prior visiting your desired bars
  • It’s better to reserve a booking. Some bars get crowded easily
  • Be vigilant to pick-pockets
  • Poblacion is a red-light district
  • There will be women walking around the area looking for people interested in companion. Be aware
  • Still show respect to other people around
  • Always walk in groups specially at late night
  • Check google maps first to see what are the neighboring bars. Save you some steps or gas
  • You also may check these 3 Must-visit Cafes in Poblacion for Coffee and Art Lovers
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