Baclaran Market – A go-to shopping plaza in Manila

Baclaran Market – A go-to shopping plaza in Manila

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Flea markets have truly become ingrained in almost every culture today. They’re popular in a lot of countries including the Philippines. Flea markets aren’t just for getting rid of old items. It also provides a platform for independent vendors and entrepreneurs. Some people sell retail and wholesale merchandise here. Such as clothing, furniture, artwork, cosmetics, and novelty items. There are a lot of famous flea markets in the Philippines. Namely, Taytay Tiangge, Divisoria, and the Baclaran Market. Indeed, these places have become the go-to daily market for residents around Manila. Typical Filipino isn’t complete without a trip to the tiangge or flea market that offers bagsak presyo items to shoppers. Furthermore, those who are starting their businesses mostly get their stuff from the wholesale vendors from those markets. The warm heat and congested streets of Manila can be challenging but that doesn’t stop Filipinos from shopping.

The Baclaran

Baclaran is a barangay on the outskirts of Paranaque, Philippines. It is also on the borders of the cities of Paranaque and Pasay. Because of its closeness to the sea, the area was named after a type of fishing equipment known as “baklad,” which is a rattan fence used to secure fish until they are ready to be sold in the market. Because many of these baklads were assembled along the beach, the area became known as “Bakladan,” and when a suffix was added, the Filipino grammatical feature of changing d’s to r’s changed this to “Baclaran“. Moreover, the Wednesday Novenas at Baclaran Church are well-known in this place. Every Wednesday, approximately 10,000 people from all walks of life gather at the church to participate in the novena. It is without a doubt Asia’s most visited church. Baclaran is also occupied by a number of flea markets.

The Baclaran Market

This market has the best of what Manila has to offer. Apart from being a local market, this location has become a popular landmark in Manila in recent years. Baclaran Market is one of the busiest areas in Manila. Before visiting this popular market, make sure to brush up on your bargaining skills. Following the overhead train tracks from the Baclaran church will lead you to cheap merchandise, fish and meats, fruits and vegetables, and many more. It’s like going to the mall, but without the air conditioning and product branding. If you’re looking for cheap and high-quality produce in Manila, head to Baclaran Market. Small shops and stalls selling a variety of products line the street. Indeed, even though online shopping sites offer a convenient alternative, nothing beats the experience of searching for the best deals at every tiangge stall to get the best price possible.

Baclaran Market also offers wet and fresh goods. The residents took advantage of its geographical location that is endowed with abundant fish resources. You can find a lot of different species of fishes and delectable sea creatures here. If you feel lazy or too tired of cooking your own meal, thee are “paluto” stores nearby that’ll cover you. In this concept, you will have to choose the seafood ingredients and recipe you like and they will cook it for you. Mostly of the sellers include extra service fee for this. But paying a little more for comfort and convenience is truly worthwhile, isn’t it? Aside of seafoods, you can also buy pork, chicken, beef meats, and many more in Baclaran’s Wet Markets. Cut-priced fresh from the farm vegetables and fruits are also available in the side streets. You should definitely pay a visit here on your nearest convenient weekend.

Tips and Guides on Baclaran Market Shopping

Baclaran Market – is the best place to go if you’re looking for cut-priced items. However, as much as we want to visit every stall, moving from one store to another can be confusing. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your shopping and ensure you get everything you need hassle-free:

  • Arrive early. You wouldn’t want to shop with a lot of shopping competitors
  • Remember store points you pass by so you don’t get lost
  • Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Don’t wear anything fancy
  • Always be vigilant and observant. There are records of pick-pockets in the area
  • Haggling is good but be reasonable
  • Always check your belongings
  • Bring large eco bags for your goods
  • Prepare cash. Credit card payments are not accepted in a street market
  • Compare prices and quality of same products in different stores

The Haggling shouldn’t be challenging

Of course, everyone wants to buy a good product at a low cost. One of the reasons why so many Filipinos enjoy shopping at Baclaran Market is that haggling is permitted. You’ll hear people haggling over prices, whether on the streets or inside shopping malls. Imagine being able to purchase goods at a low price that is likely to fall further. Everything in this store is on sale. However, we must remember that these people are also just trying to sell their wares for a small profit. The majority of them benefit more from bulk orders than from retail sales. You must ensure that the bargains you are attempting to negotiate are in a reasonable amount—just enough for the quality and for the vendor’s profit. After all, low prices and high revenue are a win-win situation for both parties. Give tips as a token of appreciation if you’re generous enough.

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How to get there

Commuting going to Manila can be very stressful. Given the fact the the traffic is heavy during the weekdays. However, it wouldn’t hurt much if you plan to go on Sundays. Here are some ways you can try if you decided to go.

Via Train

  • Take a ride from any point of LRT station going to Baclaran Station. From then, you can walk until you get to the Baclaran Market.

Via Bus

  • Take a bus ride from Claro M. Recto Ave/Quezon Boulevard Intersection going to Roxas Boulevard Intersection. From then, you can walk until you get to the Baclaran Market.

Via Taxi or Grab Car

  • Take a taxi or book a GrabCar from any point of Metro Manila and nearby cities going to Baclaran Market. However, this might get a little expensive.
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