Araneta City – Where to go and what to do in Cubao?

Araneta City – Where to go and what to do in Cubao?

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The Araneta City (Araneta Center) is a 35-hectare transit-oriented, commercial mixed-use development in Cubao Quezon City, Philippines. Araneta City provides unprecedented access to the North-South and East-West pathways of Metro Manila as it sits at the intersection of two important thoroughfares, EDSA and Aurora Boulevard. Additionally, it offers travelers a crucial connection between the MRT-3 and LRT-2, two significant train lines in the country. Today, The Araneta Area includes more than 2,000 stores and restaurants. Some of these tenants are found in shopping centers such as Ali Mall, Farmers Plaza, and the Gateway Mall. While Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza are the first fully enclosed, air-conditioned mall and the first commercial condominium in the nation, respectively, The Gateway Mall, the complex’s main mall, houses international brands. Now that pandemic is almost over, locals are flocking to this place for recreation. Here are the places you shouldn’t miss out here:

Art in Island 3D Museum

Art in Island is an interactive art installation or “selfie museum” in Cubao, Araneta City. Yun Jae Kyoung, a South Korean businessman, launched Art In Island, with the first shows done in four months by 14 Korean visual artists In November 2014. Furthermore, Art in Island is an excellent interactive 3D museum for people of all ages. The artists created numerous 3D paintings, and you are indeed welcome to participate in the art! The majority of the displays are murals, which rely on optical illusion to make the two-dimensional pieces appear to be “3D.” You must use your imagination to come up with the funniest pose you can strike in each of the various settings they have designed. Moreover, it is a one-of-a-kind attraction that will give you a unique and more creative perspective on museums and art. They also have a cafe near the exit where you can lounge!

More to know:

  • Bring socks, shoes are not allowed inside
  • Open daily from 10 AM – 9 PM
  • P500.00 for adults, P400.00 for students, senior citizens, and PWDs (Don’t forget to bring your ID to avail discount.) P200.00 – Hiwaga Art Zone Admission FREE
  • Children below 3 feet and birthday celebrants
  • Take your pictures from where you see the Photo Point stickers on the ground. The Photo Point stickers will guide you ideal photography view
  • There is the Jeongwon cafe and restaurant downstairs where you can lounge when you need a break or after taking photos

Cubao Expo

The young used to hang out here in the U-shaped compound in Araneta City during the mornings to thrift vinyl records, vintage items, and shoes, and in the evenings to drown themselves in alcohol and happy memories. Cubao Expo, once known as Marikina Shoe Expo, has evolved into more than just another restaurant hotspot. Furthermore, it is now a place where everyone from artists to musicians to foodies to skaters to creatives can congregate and feel at home. People from both the north and south sides of Metro Manila would gather here to catch a spoken word performance, listen to an indie band, or browse through antique items. For foodies, art lovers, and creative types alike, Cubao Expo makes for the ideal hangout area. It also features secret bars, artisanal cafes, and hole-in-the-wall eateries. This is a site you really must visit if you’re seeking relaxing spots in Kyusi.

More to know:

  • They only have one comfort room for all the customers
  • Nearby the Art in Island Museum, just behind it
  • Opens daily from 8 AM – 11 PM

Fiesta Carnival

Do you recall the famous Fiesta Carnival in Araneta City? With a variety of thrilling rides and activities adored by both young and old, it used to be one of the busiest and happiest attractions in the city. Until the 1990s, it served as a historical representation of amusement and fun. Now, the enthusiasm of kids wanting to enjoy the various rides and attractions fills Araneta Fiesta Park (former Fiesta Carnival) from late afternoon to early evening. Visitors are eager to take pictures with the walking dinosaur. Even with a new modern look, it’s still the same place that gives the old and new generations some fun-filled nostalgic memories. Additionally, there are carnival game booths with enjoyable rewards to be earned. There are food stands with seating if the family becomes peckish after a long day of fun. This is definitely a worth-visiting place in Kyusi!

More to know:

  • No entrance fee
  • Rides start at Php 50.00, Php 500.00 for unlimited rides
  • There’s a street food bazaar just ride beside the Fiesta Park
  • Nearest parking: Manhattan Parkview (enter at General Malvar st) or Shopwise outdoor parking
  • It opens daily from 4 PM – 10 PM


Farmers Plaza is a shopping mall in Araneta City, Cubao. The five-level complex, which was renovated and expanded in 1999 and 2014, was the first commercial condominium in the Philippines, making it one of the country’s oldest commercial buildings. The mall has an expansive 60,400 m2, which is mainly occupied by discount and lifestyle stores. It serves as a beacon for bargain hunters. The EDSA-MRT station is directly connected to the plaza’s shopping atrium, providing shoppers from all over the metropolis with maximum comfort and convenience. The mall also has 100 parking spaces outside and 193 stores. Moreover, shoppers can also find a Food Court (Food Plaza) and an activity area atrium, where public events, sales, and concerts are held, both on the Lower Ground Floor, as well as the Farmers Plaza Bazaar, an indoor bazaar with fashion, electronics, and food stores on the 4th floor.


The Farmers Market is a wet market in Cubao, Quezon City, located in Araneta City. It is one of the best and biggest fresh produce markets in Metro Manila and the country since 1975. The Farmers Market has an expansive total floor area of 12,000 m2 and is occupied by more than 50 tenants. Moreover, it features a variety of local shops that primarily sell fresh products, ranging from fish, meat, and fruits and vegetables, as well as the Fishmoko section, a fish market highlighting live fish stored in freshwater tanks, and the Dampa sa Farmers Market (Dampa at the Farmers Market), a food court where you can have your newly bought ingredients cooked and served (called paluto), various merchandise shops, a barbershop, a hair salon, bakeries, and fast-food chains also occupy the market. Furthermore, numerous chefs, food critics, TV personalities, and local government officials, visited the market.

More to know:

  • Farmers Mall is accessible to MRT and LRT stations
  • There are nearby bus stations in the area
  • Farmers Mall opens from 10 AM – 9 PM daily
  • Farmers Market opens from 4 AM – 7 PM daily

Tips on shopping in Farmers Mall, Bazaar, and Market

  • Bring your shopping bags for an eco-friendly haul
  • Prepare cash, most of the vendors don’t accept credit/debit card payment
  • In the market, the earlier the better. People often come after lunch and it could get overcrowded
  • Haggle reasonably. Of course, we all want discounted bargains. However, make sure that the price you are negotiating profits the vendors as well
  • Be vigilant and always secure your valuables
  • Compare items to other nearby vendors. Ask prices and check the quality all the time
  • Before paying, check all your purchases if they’re complete and right weight
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