Antipolo City – 5 must-visit budget friendly Cafes

Antipolo City – 5 must-visit budget friendly Cafes

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Antipolo City

Antipolo City is a great mix of metropolitan and province vibe with so many interesting places to visit. The city was named after the tipolo (breadfruit) tree, which grew abundantly in the area. Antipolo City’s northern and southern sections are located in dense forest areas of the Sierra Madre. Moreover, its proximity to Metro Manila has consistently fueled the real estate industry’s growth. In fact, Antipolo is classified as a First Class City in 2008. It is very accessible with only an approximately 2-hour drive from Manila. Its higher altitude than Metro Manila provides a scenic view of the city, especially at night. A lot of people are taking advantage to this, opening up overlooking and unique cafes all over the area. You can eat at one of the many restaurants that line its ridges and enjoy a spectacular view of Metropolis. Check out these cafes you should visit there.

Ghost Coffee

Ghost Coffee is situated along Marikina Infanta Hi-way. It is set in the boundary of Marikina City and Antipolo City. A lot of passers-by along the Hi-way love to stop by in this place as they also have a HUGE parking lot. You may think it’s a small cafe from the facade. But they have very relaxing al fresco dining as you enter. You can choose whether to dine in or enjoy the Japanese-themed setup of outdoor dining. As we did, chose to drink our coffee and eat cookies outside. If you need to charge your gadgets, worry no more! They have A LOT of sockets inside and outside. Moreover, the menu price is just average. I ordered a regular-sized hot americano and chocolate chip cookie for just Php 115 and Php 85 respectively. Ghost coffee is indeed worth trying!

  • Opens from 7 AM to 9 PM daily
  • Lansangang Marikina-Infanta, Barangay Mayamot, Antipolo, Lalawigan ng Rizal
  • Collaborative Spaces are available on the 2nd floor of Ghost Coffee. Private rooms for small meetings as well as large events and conferences are available for your convenience. With strong WIFI and affordable desk plans.
  • Pet Friendly
  • Click to see Ghost Coffee Facebook Page

Kapinta Coffee, Tea and Tattoo

Kapinta—Coffee, Tea, and Tattoo is a family-owned business that combines the arts of brewing and tattooing. They are located in Antipolo City. They have VERY affordable menu. I ordered their ham & cheese quesadilla and Cheesy Mango Cream shake for only Php 140 and Php 155 respectively. You can also enjoy drawing or painting in their Artists’ Corner. A lot of creative and artistic customers love to spend their time in this cafe. You’ll get to see the art pieces that they created on their stay. Try getting inked as well. You can book for a schedule and you can enjoy dining while getting a tattoo. Customers may choose whether to dine in or sit while enjoying the breezy air on their outdoor dining. However, it could be hard to get a parking slot here when there are a lot of customers since there ae other shops as well.

  • Opens from 9 AM to 11 PM daily
  • C&B Circle Mall, Cristimar Ave. cor. L. Sumulong, Brgy. San Roque Antipolo
  • Price varies on design and size. Minimum size for tattoo is 2×2, Php 1,500 for black and Php 2k for colored.
  • Pet Friendly
  • Click to see Kapinta Coffee, Tea and Tattoo Facebook Page

Drip Kofi

Drip Kofi is another instagrammable cafe in upper Antipolo City. Upon entrance you’ll be greeted by their mini convenience store called DKExpress. Where they sell Korean products like ramyun as well. You can also buy take out or go-to orders from there. You may think it’s just a cute store from the outside but try to explore the inside. There are spacious outdoor spaces for Al Fresco dining option. But you can also dine in and enjoy their Japanese themed muji-minimalist interior. The consistent wooden accent complements the matt white floors. The ambiance is so refreshing and cozy. There are also cactuses and greeneries that pop out in the mute white color of the outside walls. Their menu is also VERY affordable. You can buy snacks and Vietnamese drinks ranging from Php 75 – Php 200 only. Drip Kofi is definitely a must try Cafe in Antipolo City!

  • Opens from 10 AM to 9 PM daily
  • 73 J. Sumulong Street. Brgy. San Roque Antipolo City.
  • There also board games available free to use. Such as, Jenga, Uno, Snake and Ladders, and a lot more!
  • Pet Friendly
  • Click to see Drip Kofi and DKExpress Facebook Pages

Miguel’s Garden Cafe

Miguel’s Garden and Cafe in Antipolo City is a place to go if you’re looking for a nature respite. It has a very expansive lot that gives ample space for huge al fresco dining area. The indoor dining part boasts colorful and instagrammable interior. It somehow reminds me of old Spanish houses with vibrant and wooden furniture. However, the price of the menu here may be above average. But they serve for quality and taste, and of course, huge servings. They have steaks and different cuisine from different countries available. It is also a great place for special events like birthdays, weddings, business meeting, and anything of your choice. As of writing, they’re planning to expand the business at the free huge lot across their existing restaurant. The ambiance is so romantic specially at night. They’re also planning to have an outdoor bar soon to open. Indeed must-visit!

  • Opens from 7 AM to 10 PM daily
  • Sitio Hopeville, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, Rizal
  • They have live bands performances every weekend night. They also have huge parking lots but the place can get full easily so try to book a reservation
  • Pet Friendly
  • Click to see Miguel’s Garden Cafe Facebook Page


Kaulayaw Café is a rising homegrown coffee, dining and hangout spot in Antipolo City. The term Kaulayaw translates to “close companion,” and this café provides a relaxing stop for coffee or local craft beer while on the road. Guests can take in the expansive views of Rizal’s sea of green and Metro Manila’s skyline from the restaurant’s airy third-floor open-air dining area. The founders founded the company on the core value of supporting local farmers and suppliers, coining the phrase “Ethically sourced, locally grown“. However, the price of the menu here may also be above average. But they serve for quality and taste, and of course, huge servings. Parking is really hard to get as it only has small parking space so try to come early because as of writing, they don’t accept reservations. Specially if you plan on weekends, expect the queue to be really long.

  • Mondays: 1 PM to 10 PM Tuesdays to Fridays: 8 AM to 10 PM Saturdays & Sundays: 7 AM to 10 PM
  • 23 Sumulong Hwy, Sta. Cruz, Antipolo, Rizal
  • They usually have live band performances every Saturday. Don’t forget to get your names listed upon arrival. Especially when there’s a queue
  • Pet Friendly
  • Click to see Kaulayaw Cafe Facebook Page

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