5 picture-perfect spots in Sorsogon City, Bicol

5 picture-perfect spots in Sorsogon City, Bicol

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Sorsogon City is a picturesque province on the southern tip of Luzon Island. Known as one of the most underrated tourist spots in the Philippines. It covers an expansive 2,000 square kilometers of grounds and is 600 kilometers away from Metro Manila. Traveling might get at least a 10-hour drive considering that it is approximately 600 kilometers away from Metro Manila. However, the Maharlika Highway is the main thoroughfare of Sorsogon province. Its traffic-free roads provide a breath of fresh air and a photographic view. The Sorsogon City Coastal Road opening in August 2020 is another exciting development for road travelers in the south. This 5.52-kilometer-long four-lane road extends from Rompeolas to Barangay Balog. It is made up of a rock causeway and three bridges that connect the few barangays in Sorsogon City.

That being said, long drives can be exhausting but worthwhile nonetheless. Hustling and bustling of the central cities will be completely expunged from your mind upon arrival in this trivialized province. They serve picture-postcard sceneries surrounded with evergreens and exhilarating beaches that oversee the clean shorelines.  If you’ve never been to the place, this might help you create your jump-packed and exciting itinerary. Here’s our 5 recommended best must-visit spots in Sorsogon City.

SORSOGON ROMPEOLAS (Sorsogon, Baywalk)

Rimpulas – as people call it, is the Sorsogon Business and Leisure Park. Its memories span decades, if not a century. Significantly progressed from a garbage dump a few years ago to what it is now – Baywalk. Food-carts and street vendors are permitted to sell their wares, which primarily consist of snacks and freshly fried fish balls or squid balls. This is extremely convenient for visitors. As time goes by, the area has filled with local affordable eateries and simple restaurants. Across is a park people usually hang out with their family and friends. Furthermore, having these generates some revenue for the vendors. You might want to take a stroll while holding a stick of street food. Maybe just sit beside the coast with your company while enjoying the sunrise or the sunset. 

There is also a nearby Lighthouse nearby with an overlooking view that shows you the rest of the relaxing environment. Rompeolas Lighthouse illuminates the surroundings in a full-blown romantic atmosphere at night. You might also wanna try passing by this breezy and aesthetically pleasing hanging bridge.

MUSEO SORSOGON (Alegre, Sorsogon City)

DA previously vacated century-old provincial jail and courthouse in the province of Sorsogon. It has been converted into a neo-classical grandiose museum showcasing the province’s and its people’s rich history and culture. The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center was the province’s first museum which opened on June 26, 2008. Commemorating the province’s centennial founding anniversary in October 1894.

Provincial Governor Chiz Escudero decided to build a new museum within the grounds of the Sorsogon City capitol compound. He started soon as the new penitentiary was completed and the inmates were transferred in 2019. Since then, the provincial government immediately began renovating the historical building, preserving the jail cells as galleries to showcase Sorsogon’s rich history and culture.

With the arrival of a new provincial administration in 2019, the old Museum was closed and renovated to house the Department of Tourism’s provincial office. On March 12, 2021, Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero and Dr. Rene Escalante inaugurated a new “Museo Sorsogon”. Ten galleries on the two-story museum will display important historical and cultural aspects of the province. Such as the beginning of communities in Sorsogon, its participation in the Philippine revolution, and the subsequent American occupation.

RIZAL BEACH RESORT (Barangay Rizal, Gubat, Sorsogon City)

Sorsogon strived to get appreciation towards the years. Luckily, they have progressed started gaining attention recently. Its striking beaches with sparkling waters and sands are the reasons why locals and even foreigners come back. Rizal Beach in Gubat is Sorsogon’s only beach in the center of a cove. The miles of golden sand surrounding an extensive shoreline makes it one of the best pristine beaches in the Philippines. The clean white shore equally complements the clear azure seawater. Huge surfing waves enthrall swimmers and surfers. This tropical paradise is known as a picnic and bathing spot.

Rizal Beach Resort is situated in the municipality of Gubat, which is around 25 minutes away from the City of Sorsogon. Going there from the city might take a while but you wouldn’t notice it as you’ll be occupied in awe of the view on the road – towering the sides with tall coconut trees and evergreens.   In here you can also find hand-made souvenirs made of nylon strings and shells. Varying from accessories to house decorations. Surely enough, the craftsmanship being showcased by the locals are adding them extra profit and recognition that they truly deserve.

Rizal Beach Resort, Gubat, Sorsogon

The entrance fee is very affordable to the mass as it only costs Php 40.00 and cottages or chairs and tables cost about Php 250 – Php 500. Here are the rates for their room accommodation:

  • Standard Room Php 8,00 – Php 1,200
  • Standard Family Room Php 1,250 – Php 3,000
  • Deluxe Room Php 2,500 – Php 3,000
  • Superior Room Php 1,500 – Php 1,700
  • Superior Family Room Php 2,000 – Php 3,000

CHURCH OF NAZARENE (Layog, Barcelona)

Barcelona Church or (Church of Nazarene) is one of the oldest neo-classical churches in Bicol. During the Spanish colonization, it became the refuge for homesick Spaniards. They named the place “Barcelona” to pay tribute to the then capital of Spain. The monumental church was built dating back to 1874 by Governadorcillo Juan Evasco. In fact, the locals claimed that the church has never been altered and is standing on its original facade. The structure was surprisingly made of coral rocks, adding such unique history it already has.

The interior has multi-layered high ceilings and old huge chandeliers. Similar to the common Filipino-Spanish churches. Brown wooden long chairs with platforms people kneel on while praying are all lined up. But even with chandeliers, the inside is just luminated enough by the natural lighting as huge glass-stained windows are all around the sides. Just the typical churches you can find in the country. Unfortunately, they used to allow people to go up the bell tower to have a sight of the rest of Barcelona. They closed it for safety protocols. The parish is still taken care of as of now and very well kept. Some locals and parishioners are cleaning and maintaining the church’s grounds.

CASIGURAN PIER (Casiguran, Sorsogon)

Casiguran was significantly Sorsogon’s first missionary parish, established in 1600. It is thought to be derived from the Bicol phrase Kasi gurang, which means “mostly old”. It depicts the fact that it was the first parish and thus populated by senior citizens. According to legend, the town was named “Casiguran” because all young men and ladies were kept hidden. Furthermore, only old people could be seen in the town. In contrast to the present days, this place has become one of the famous spots in Sorsogon for both locals and visitors. 

Humble boats fishing in the waters of Sorsogon Bay use Casiguran’s port. However, it is also well-known for its stunning sunset views of the bay area. Children and their parents would flock to the port later in the day to catch the sunset and the early evening breeze. You can also see a huge Statue of Mama Mary holding Sto. Nino exactly 308 steps from the port. This 71 foot-tall statue of Mama Mary has become one of the main attractions in the area.

What else you can do at Sorsogon

Furthermore, try to list down all of these if you’re looking for more activities:

  • Try Scuba diving & Snorkeling.
  • Try to swim with the whale sharks If you’re not afraid of big fishes, of course.
  • Boat touring
  • Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
  • Try nature & wildlife tours too
  • Watch fireflies nearby Donsol River
  • Get a Tan
  • Visit one of the tunnels in Bulan
  • Have a picnic with family and friends


Additionally, you’re probably also wondering where you can indulge yourselves with food and cuisines around the area. Check out these restaurants you might want to try in Sorsogon:

  • Una Pizzeria
  • Casa Dominga
  • Bookshack Cafe
  • Mango Grill
  • Jane’s Restaurant
  • Leonado’s
  • Baracuda
  • Delia’s 20/20 Diner
  • Beat Box Tavern
  • Cafe Isabelle
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